Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Not Exactly Raising The Bar Here, Am I?

I got my hair trimmed. There's no need for a picture because it looks exactly the same only two inches shorter. The best part was talking to Melissa. 
You know how some people are just GOOD people? Well, that's Melissa. You meet her and you know you love her. Same with her husband. Someone, I am not saying who, in speaking about them said, "I sort of want to make out with both of them."
Someone, I am not saying who, understands completely. Metaphorically, you understand. 

Besides getting my hair trimmed I also got a new filter for my coffee pot- the gold kind you can wash over and over again. And a new pair of men's shorts at the Old Navy (40% off) and a tank top. My summer wardrobe is finally complete. I went to a different Goodwill. I didn't find any pillows I liked and not one dress even worthy of contemplation but I did find four plates, one of which is above. With matching saucers. I like pretty plates. I like different plates. I have plates of many designs and sizes. Ah! So exciting. 
Well. Yes. 

And I bought the cat her flea and tick treatment pills and I have now completely wasted one by crushing it and mixing it with yogurt which she loves when she's eating what's left from a container after I've eaten all I want and have given it to her. Of course then I scrambled a tiny egg in butter WITH cheese and mixed THAT with the yogurt and pill and she won't touch it. 
I'm done. That's eighteen bucks down the drain and I need to just get rude and shove one down her throat. 
Oh, Maurice. 
This is a cat who will not eat cooked chicken. She's an odd one. 

I also went to Whole Foods and bought: Bananas, one apple, one avocado, and some tomatoes. That cost about a hundred dollars. You can buy four collard leaves there for $2.99. 
Haha! Not me, motherfuckers. 

AND, on top of all of that, I've got four pieces of mail ready to send which I have been needing to send and for some reason, sending mail is right up there at the top of my neurosis list so that is a VERY BIG DEAL.

I'm so crazy. I feel like I've cracked the damn Bible Code or something. Because I got my hair trimmed and bought flea treatment. And addressed envelopes. 

Maybe before the day is over, I'll have done a load of laundry too. 
Wouldn't hold my breath. 

We shall see what wonderments I am able to accomplish tomorrow. 


  1. I have one of the sweetest people on the planet that cuts my hair. She is a young thing, 23 but an old soul. Every time we see each other we hug and then talk, talk, talk. Last time she did my hair she had bought me a coffee. Afterwards we sat on her deck and talk, talk, talked some more. She is a true kindred spirit.

    Check Pinterest for using old plates in the garden. Some really nice ideas!

  2. I call getting my hair cut "a day." You out did yourself. Well, myself.
    I still love Maurice.

  3. Whenever I get my hair cut and highlighted, it's always a Saturday. My hairdresser without fail asks me "So! What are you up to today?" I'm like, well. I'm getting my hair cut. Then I'm taking a damn nap. And then I'm thinking about taking another one.

  4. Can you get some of that Advantage, or whatever it's called, that you apply to the animal's fur on the back of the neck to prevent fleas and ticks? It's SO much easier than dealing with pills.

  5. Your last part about breaking the Bible code made me day. I just love your writing. The sarcasm there - my joy.

  6. I'm sitting here trying to do work I should have done weeks ago. Pretending I don't have to.

    I have one note though - you go to the post office ALL THE TIME! I don't have an issue posting things, just getting there to post them.

  7. http://www.nanceestar.com/CatPill.html

    You've probably seen it before, but I laugh every time it comes 'round again.

  8. Birdie- We are blessed in our haircutters! I know there are so many beautiful things to be done with old plates. Mostly I just eat on mine.

    Joanne- I love Maurice too. And it takes about five minutes for Melissa to trim my hair so I can hardly call that a day.

    SJ- Naps. Sweet naps.

    Steve Reed- I should have gone that route but the fleas in Lloyd are immune to Advantage now, I think.

    Jill- I was wondering if anyone would get the dark tongue in cheekiness of that one.
    Thank you!

    Jo- Oh, going to the post office and picking up my mail is no problem. It's just sending mail. I have no idea why. I love the post office in Lloyd.

    Denise- That is so funny and so true. I'd read it before but thanks for reminding me of it. I'm pretty sure that last time I read it I was thinking, "Well, that will never be me again."

  9. I also have a card to post for my Dad’s birthday. It’s been playing on my mind like crazy - we’re odd souls!

  10. Sometimes I go to Whole Foods to have lunch. They do have a good salad bar. Food by the pound. Interesting.


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