Saturday, August 23, 2014

Not Exactly Newsworthy, Mostly

Good morning! Although it's almost noon.
No, no. I've been awake for hours. HOURS! I've even eaten my brunch! Which was what was left of my turkey panini from yesterday's lunch and let's just hope that the five hours it sat in a broiling hot car did it no harm.
Probably not five hours. Probably like three.
It tasted fine.

Okay. A few things I'd like to discuss. For no apparent reason.

1. Facebook. Why? And when I ask why, I mean...why do I personally spend so much time there? Do I give a shit what your hippie name is, which super hero you are or what your distant cousin's dog looks like?
Obviously I must.

2. "Paying it forward." Specifically at Starbucks. (And of course I found this on Facebook although it's on Huffpost which I also spend too much time on.) Here's the link. 
I mean...what's the point? It's like a cluster fuck of people feeling good about buying someone else's coffee and letting someone else buy theirs. How is this helpful? What if all I want is a plain cup of coffee and the guy after me wants a Mocha-Latte-Soy-Three-Extra-Shots-Of-Espresso-With-Whipped-Cream and a five dollar muffin? How's that work?
I love the part in the article where it said the paying-it-forward streak ended when a customer insisted on just paying for her own coffee. Haha!
This reminds me of the time a bunch of us hippies were in someone's apartment and we had like half a bottle of rot-gut red wine and we were all sitting in a circle and one of the hippiest hippies (I think she was the first person I ever heard tell someone that their aura looked dark) said, "Let's pass it around and see how long we can make it last!" in that hippie, chirpy voice. The bottle got to a big ol' cello-player guy who was a neighbor of mine who liked to do acid and play cello all night long. He took the bottle, drained it, and said, "I lose!"

3. Why are we so obsessed with what substances may have been in Robin William's body when he died? Okay, I get the fact that they probably, by law, had to do a toxicology screen. Maybe? I don't know. But we, the public, have no right to know and no need to know and I wish they'd shut up about it. Nothing is going to change the reality of the fact that he took his life and we are never really going to know why and that's all there is to it. To think that there may be a simple and understandable explanation as to why anyone takes their own life is to disrespect and disregard the incredibly complex nature of the human mind, individual lives, and individual circumstances. And about a million other factors. The whole substance issue is just one tiny part of it and it ain't my business.

4. This.

I really have nothing to say about the product within the bottle. It's the bottle I'd like to discuss. Is it possible they've finally designed a spray bottle that actually and truly works? It would seem so to me after using it. For some reason, I find this revolutionary. Why hasn't there been more media attention paid to this? 

5. My hen, Miss Trixie. She has the sweetest little song. It almost sounds like the first notes of Beethoven's Fifth except that instead of Da-Da-Da-DA it goes Da-Da-DA. 
Know what I mean? Maybe I'll get a video one of these days. 

6. Why, when cats meow to be let in or out and you open the door do they look at you like, "Why are you opening the door?" And then spend about thirty seconds deciding if they do actually want to go through the door. Yes. I know. This is not a very original observation. 

7. Why does coconut oil Pam cost so much more than regular or olive oil Pam? 

And why in hell did I buy it? And why did I buy coconut oil Pam and forget buttermilk? And laundry detergent? 

8. Why are dog-shaming pictures so funny? 

They're probably funny to me because I don't have dogs any more. I will gladly laugh at yours, though. 

9. One of my favorite pictures ever.

No discussion needed here. 

10. Damn. I've wasted half my day. So what? I guess I should go clean a room or water some plants or something. It's hot. Real hot. I'm not planning on making any sudden moves. That's pretty much my plan for the day.

Anything on your mind you'd like to discuss? I'd like to hear about it if there is. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. OK, I will put in my two cents...

    Robin Williams - Yes, it is tragic that he died. But as I write this someone is planning to commit suicide. That will also be tragic. We need to make his death a turning point and realize that mental illness does not pick and choose. It goes for the throat and upends everything in its path. We need to worry about this. Not how Robin Williams died but WHY.

    Facebook - I hate it so much and was off for 3 years but just started a fake account this week so I can keep in touch with my weight loss group.

    Paying it Forward is supposed to be something you do on your own when nobody is watching.

    Cats - What is that saying? Cats at one time were gods. They haven't forgot this. So you will keep holding that door open and you will like it.

    Dog Shaming - All I can say is it is hilarious!

  2. FB...I don't watch the cat and dog videos, I don't play the games, I don't do the quizzes, I do get lots of news there though and keep up with friends, family, and other glass artists. Even so, I do spend too much time there. Like just about all day today. Almost no one has been in the antique store all day so what the hell else am I gonna do besides play solitaire?

    I tried to pay it forward and pay someone's library fine but the librarian just told the offender to pay it next time.

    I haven't read any of the crap about Robin Williams aside from the original news report. People are stupid buttinskies that think their opinions matter.

    a spray bottle that works?!

    I got no opinion on the hens or Pam or dog shaming but I love the pic.

  3. oh, cats. I think mine hesitates before going out because she is making sure there are no bogeymen out there or other cats or snakes maybe. she does scan the area before she ventures out.

  4. Hello Ms Moon! How great it is to be back on good ol' bloodspot and reading your fantastic posts.

    I'm still dubious about your spray bottle. I myself am somewhat obsessed with cleaning products (sad I know) and I'm yet to find one that really does spray 'every last drop'. Keep us posted!

    I also agree with the person above - it should not be about Robin Williams any more, they should let his family grieve. Instead, they should be using his death as a catalyst to spark awareness of the wider issue. Mental health and depression for a long time has been considered a bit of a taboo and still, to this day, isn't universally accepted. Maybe a high profile sufferer can help change this?

    Hope your panini didn't give you a gippy tummy!!

  5. 1. Facebook is a ruse, I hate it so much. If I want to know what's going on with people I love, I read their blogs or go visit them.
    2. I never do this. My hubby has stealthily bought breakfast for seniors at Denny's though and that's more from the heart, I think. He's humble.
    3. People are nosy assholes, that's why.
    4. That bottle is probably not available in Canada. LOL!
    5. Yes, but can she make the "refer-reeer" sound for Maurice?
    6. Because cats are assholes.
    7. Because coconut oil is the latest craze and y'all know how much crazes cost.
    8. Dog shaming pictures ARE funny but they make me feel sorry for the dogs. I'm a sucker for a pooch.
    9. That's a great pic!
    10. It's cool here today. And I fell off my self-imposed attempt at staying away from booze last night. In my defense, my friends came over for a hot tub and booze is part of that whole scene.

  6. Clusterfuck! That just about covers the whole damn lot... it may be my new favourite word!
    Facebook. You've got to love a quiz. And a cat quiz is double the fun. Apparently, I love cats 15% "you hate cats, you know you hate cats, why did you even take the quiz?" We have three cats! To be fair, they belong to my daughters, and I am merely staff. But they are fed, watered, and unharmed! Also, cats are assholes... just saying!
    Robin Williams. I gentle, sensitive and unassuming soul. I do wish the media would leave his family alone and let him rest in peace.
    Apparently I'm still feeling like I should run away (see comment on your post this week!) Maybe it's the meds. Maybe the ol' hormones, or maybe... just maybe, I have no idea why. What I do know dear Mary, is that you and your writing makes it all seem better, and for that I am grateful, and love you x

  7. 1. FB wants to sell us stuff.
    2. I'll buy my own damn coffee.
    3. You are right. I'd like to MYOB, but the damn info leaps out of everywhere.
    4. I know.
    5. A video? Make a feature film.
    6. Cats.
    7. Coconut oil makes everything rase coconutty. I never get everything on my list. I don't even care anymore.
    8. Have you seen the one with the guy and the dog? The guy is wearing a sign that says, "I left my teeth on the end table." You can guess the rest.
    9. !!!
    10. Time well-spent here!

  8. 1. Hell, I don't know.
    2. Hell, I don't know. I sure got in a clusterfuck of trouble this week though, dissing a time-honored tradition of raising money for a cause.
    3. Hell, I don't know.
    4. It's possible, but hell, I don't know.
    5. I'd love to hear that.
    6. I remember when my childhood cat Tigger did that!
    7. I bought some of that but feel like it makes everything taste like suntan oil.
    8. I always feel a bit guilty looking at those.
    9. Yep.
    10. I love a good list, and this was one.

  9. You crack me up! Thank you for the laugh, I really enjoyed it.
    love you

  10. Alla Y'all- You made me laugh and think. I used the coconut Pam this morning to make pancakes. Didn't notice any taste, really. Cats do like to scan the area before they enter or exit but WHY do they look at you like that? Like, "Why are you opening the door? Are you going to slam it in my face now?" No, Maurice cannot make the guitar sound from the Steve Miller Band song. That would be awesome if she could. I'll let you know how the bottle goes- if indeed, every last drop is sprayed. I have my doubts but it IS a good spray bottle.
    I love those bony, sinewy, wrinkled up old men and their gorgeous smiles.
    Maybe we shouldn't laugh at dog shaming but I do anyway. They beg for it.
    As to Robin Williams- let me just say that if I ever chose to take my own life, you can bet your ass there would be plenty of substances in my body.
    Love ALLA Y'all!

  11. I thought coconut oil was supposed to be really unhealthy and artery-clogging? Or am I behind the times, relying on the science of yesteryear?

    I haven't heard much of the "substance" buzz about Robin Williams. As a reporter, I must say I think the information should be published, because I believe in giving people information and letting them do with it what they will. But I'm not sure why they're so interested, because in the end he's still dead and it's still a tragedy.

    As for Facebook, like Ellen, I drastically limit my time and activities there -- no quizzes, no videos, no memes. I post a picture or share a link every now and then and I "like" posts from friends that are REAL posts about their lives. And I try to stay on no more than a half-hour or so.

  12. Would be believe that per California law, they have to release the results of Robin Williams' toxicology screen because someone (many members of the press, no doubt) filed a "Public Records Request." California is screwy.

  13. I don't do FB. I pay it forward every day by doing some random act of wonderfulness to some unsuspecting person--mostly by not giving someone the finger in traffic or honking my horn, but then I also don't buy from Walmart which is a random act of kindness too.

    I don't have time to worry about what other people consume and die from. I have been frazzled with living life and the vegetable garden, the dogs, the cats, the boat, the renovation, going riding and a host of every day things that keep me busy to the point of exhaustion.

    I am happy because I have stuff to do. Today life is A okay.


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