Wednesday, August 6, 2014

And Back To Reality

So, la.
Things are a bit off kilter here for me today.
I've got a new sore place in my gum and I have GOT to call the dentist and arrange to have something put in the hole in my mouth where that tooth was pulled because I'm chewing all funky and for all I know, I've developed another bone abscess on the other side (please dear god, no, no, no!) and we know this is all going to cost a bizillion dollars whether I get an implant or a permanent bridge (any experienced advice out there on this one?) and just the thought that in half an hour I have to call the dentist is enough to throw me right back into anxiety mode and why in hell am I like this?
What happened to me in a doctor's office to make me this freaked out?

Okay. That's one thing.
Here's another. I've been getting these random texts and calls on my phone from every area code in the universe. Mostly they say things like, "Hey!" or "Hello!" One said, "Do you want to have phone sex?" And last night I got an actual picture of a guy, blessedly entirely dressed, who had selfied himself in a lovely restroom and I am thinking it was a public restroom because there was a urinal in it but a high-class looking urinal so there is that. He was wearing black pants and a purple shirt. No heads were involved. And that one said, "Hey babe!"

Excuse me?

What slimy site has someone either purposely or mistakenly posted my phone number?
The calls and texts had mostly disappeared for a few days but this one came in about four-thirty in the morning. This morning.

And to top it all off, there is something dead in the library. And I mean very, very dead. It's probably under the couch which weighs five hundred pounds and I cannot and will not move it. I've opened the window in there and closed the doors.

So. To sum up, I am having dental problems, anxiety, unwanted texts and calls and my library smells like a...well, a dead thing.

It's summer. It's hot. It's buggy. And this, too, is all life.

Boys are coming soon. Chickens want out.

Happy Wednesday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Sweet Jesus. The trifecta of bad ( well, phone sex could be could, but probably not with a bunch of strangers.) I really, really, really hope things improve.
    Sending love.

  2. Rebecca- Seriously. Seriously.

    Denise- Well, it's not all that bad but it sure can harsh a buzz. Haha!
    Jessie said this about phone sex: "Too much work."

  3. My husband has a dental implant. Good: It is perfect, it looks and performs just like a normal tooth. Bad: It was very expensive and required numerous visits to The Chair.

    I have had a bridge for 30+ years. Good: it has lasted 30+ years! it gets the job done, it was relatively inexpensive & required only a couple of visits to The Chair. Bad: I have to floss under it every day.

  4. I think it's about your body feeling invaded, and you had enough of that when you were little that you shut down any other form of it.

  5. At least you like your dentist, right? And I vote for the bridge. Easy peasy. You have to floss anyway.

  6. I have an ungodly fear of dentists! I've had a tooth pulled and he's recommended an implant. I can't even imagine sitting that long! I'm no help in the decision-making process, except my advice when it comes to dental work is always the same....RUN!!!

  7. Good phone sex could - theoretically speaking - offset the dentist anxiety. But strictly in theory, of course. Oh gosh, I have no idea.

    If I could I would hold your hand all the way to the dentist.

  8. I started getting random calls after someone mistakenly (?) put my number down for wanting car ins quotes. Then that website sold my number . I finally downloaded an app called CallFilter and blocked each number. It worked thank god.

  9. Ms. Yo- Exactly.

    Florence- I appreciate that input. Thank you!

    SJ- That could well be.

    Angella- Yep. Gotta floss so why not?

    Catrina- I'm with you.

    Sabine- Thank you. I will imagine you doing exactly that. It will help.

    Jill- Does it work for texts too because this is ridiculous.

  10. Wow. That is so weird about the texts. I can't wait to hear what becomes of that. What if you Google your phone number and see if it pops up on any web sites?

    It sounds like you need to enlist Mr. Moon to help move the couch. I hope it's nothing too large under there!

  11. I would be tempted to text back with something weird or perhaps forward the text to your phone service provider or the phone police. LOL. Hey babe....


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