Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lloyd Morning

It is unearthly beautiful here today, the light, the way it shines on leaf and spiderweb.

For this moment all is quiet and peaceful. Soon, the boys will arrive and our day together will begin.

The chickens are still in their coop, I hear them quietly talking. The dogs are already snoozing again after going outside. The cat, too. Dear god but that animal chose wisely when she picked my porch to meow on. She is fat, she is happy, she wants in and out of the room all night. 

I can hear the dripping of last night's little raindrops collected on the leaves being released to the ground. And the light, that light, falls like blessings.


  1. Light falling like blessings.
    It's a gray day here in So Cal. The water is the color of mud right now. Gonna get brighter, I hope.

  2. What joy grandchildren bring to one's life. I am beginning to think on this.

  3. I shall bookmark this one for a day I need it. Aaahhhhh......

  4. I get that so hard! At my house the magic light comes when the evening sun beams through the trees to the west and slants through the bird yard, the wood shed, all the leaves and plants and the kitchen window... making everything feel magical and possible and as sweet as life can get...I sit and stand around just soaking it in, wandering through it all with any little excuse, or none at all- so my eyes can absorb it directly to my soul.

  5. I love how you love where you are.

  6. That light is beautiful. It was nice to see the sun today.


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