Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Question, No Answers

I am having serious RUN AWAY fantasies.
Not even sure where. Or how. Just...hit the road, do a runner, take a hike, slip out the back, Jack. Gimme a ticket to an airplane. Ain't got time to take a fast train.

Beach, mountain, Las Vegas strip, the desert, the Great Holy Trees, tiny town on a Mexican coast. St. George Island. Hawaii, Bora-Bora, Tahiti, Key West, The Old West, Australia, New Zealand, Bali. It doesn't matter in my mind.

Although of course...

Thanks for the reminder, Mary Engelbreit, you font of highly illustrated wisdom. 


If I had to be myself anywhere, that place doesn't look so bad, does it? Reminds me of El Cielo. 

And all of this desire to run away is simply, of course, because I want to run from responsibility. Just... throw responsibility to the wind and flee. 

Even though here it looks like this.

Which does not suck. And I have this.

Extremely blurry picture of all the chickens except one of the Chi-Chas who is on the nest AND Maurice, doing her morning observation of the birds wherein she pretends to neither see nor care about me or the chickens. 

Venice, Venice Beach. Cairo, Egypt. Cairo, Georgia. Vero Beach, Sebastian, Roseland, Jamaica, Oregon. I have a passport. I know how to use it. 

And yet, the mere fact that I have to drive ALL THE WAY TO TALLAHASSEE has me quaking. 

Crazy level nearing the red line. 

Where do you fantasize about running away to? Let's pretend...


  1. Paris. Even though I've heard it stinks. Disney World because I loved Disneyland so much. New York so I can go see a broadway show and Jimmy Fallon. You know, standard places. LOL!
    (I have two bridges, permanent. They are good. More invasive for the teeth next to the gap, but no bone grafts etc. involved, so there's that. Also, there's less failure rate.)

  2. Oregon.

    Also, yeah. I often want to run away. And I would rather get a PAP than go to the dentist.

  3. The Gulf of Mexico anywhere south of Clearwater. Gail

  4. Oh and of course where ever that picture was taken. Gail

  5. Any. Fucking. Where.
    I hear ya.
    I vote for Venice Beach. Uh--but the beach is nicer here.

  6. I fantasize about having my own space. A good sized shed in the backyard that I could fix up like a sparse little cottage to use for yoga or meditation.

    I can never afford it though. And when I can someday afford it, I won't need it anymore :)

  7. Just a remote little house in a beautiful place with a really cosy bed and a fire. Solitude, a laptop... that's my dream, really!

  8. I'm going to Vegas in a few weeks. I've never been, and it's a place Nicole always wanted to visit. In fact it's one of the very last things we talked about before she flew away. I'll wear something of hers, a necklace or a bracelet, and I'll have the time of my life even if, as she suggested, I only sleep under the night sky and gaze up at the stars.

  9. A beautiful small community on the yuca tan peninsula coast. Or maybe Costa Rica. Or New Zealand or
    Tahiti or or... See what you started?

  10. Paris.

    You house and garden are just beautiful. The light. Oh the light.

    Running away fantasies can be made into realities. And then you come home. Hugs.

  11. I escaped tiny village life, and travelled the world -literally! Now I am settled and slightly suffocated, with a family and a farm...
    I fantasise about Newfoundland, and Iceland.
    And NOT going to the dentist.

    Mrs F

  12. Maybe Greece. Though Hawaii would be just fine. I hope whatever has you running is behind you today. Sweet Jo

  13. The ocean, maybe to the Florida Keys, or Tybee Island. Or to the mountains, maybe Asheville or even somewhere in the Rockies. Or to England or Scotland, or New Zealand or Newfoundland. Or maybe to somewhere with Northern lights in the night sky, or the milky way or shooting stars. Any of those would be lovely.

    Thanks for making me think about such places tonight.


  14. My fantasy is an ashram in India--living a spartan life for a couple of months. And then there is the fantasy of sailing to some place in Mexico and doing the no shoes, no shirt, no problems thing.

  15. Bora Bora for sure. It's always been Bora Bora for me. I wonder if it'll ever happen. In the meantime, any of those places that you listed sound good enough, except for Venice Beach because it's sort of gross and way too close to me.

  16. I am always up for an escape. As I frequently tell Dave, I'll go anywhere I've never been -- and I'll go back to most places a second time! That photo of the woman floating in that impossibly clear water looks pretty amazing, though. (Why is the water so much clearer in the tropics? I've never understood that.)

  17. Canadian Rockies for me please. Haven't been there and I'd like to see the mountains.

  18. Oh Mary! That's exactly how I've been feeling this week... I had a conversation with my (26 year old) daughter about it... it went something like this...
    "I've had enough of this place, I just want to run away, I don't know where... anywhere"
    "To the circus?!"
    "Yeah, anywhere"
    "What will you do there?"
    "I don't know... anything"
    "You could always be the bearded lady!"
    "......." Damn the menopause!
    Although, to be fair, we had this same conversation, reversed a few years ago. I said "An elephant" It was the first thing that came into my head. Touché, high five girl, I think that makes us quits.
    I still want to run away, though...


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