Thursday, August 14, 2014

I Am Not Leaving Lloyd For A Year

Town. Shopping. No.

I did that today. I went over to the New House as we shall call it and hung out with Jess and Vergil and Mr. Moon, and Jessie and I wandered through the house over and over discussing wall colors and Mr. Moon and Vergil went around with measuring devices and tapped walls and talked about things like lines and support beams and oh hell if I know.
The original doorbell works. Which is so awesome.

Then I went shopping. I wanted...a new rug for the kitchen by the sink. How simple is that? And yet, I went to four goddamn stores and didn't find one rug I wanted. I did get to hug Billy at the New Leaf so all was not completely in vain. Then I went to Publix. By the time I got home, I had resolved never to shop again. Except maybe for groceries and chicken waterers.
I mean seriously. Have you SEEN some of the shite they have for sale in the retail establishments these days? They had these shoes at Ross that were golden and looked like an unholy alliance between sneakers, sandals, charm bracelets and high heels. Pantsuits seem to be coming back into vogue. Polyester pantsuits.
I'll just skip the fashion industry this year if you don't mind.
And might I just say- are we really destroying the planet for crap like this? 
It would appear we are. I honestly do not know whether to laugh or cry. Laugh until I cry? Cry until I laugh?

Anyway, after I got home I got down to it. I baked two loaves of bread, made three tomato pies, a huge pot of chicken soup and two prune cakes.

Some of this is to be eaten tonight and some will be taken to Kathleen and her husband tomorrow. Lily and Jason and the boys are here and it's sort of a party.

Sometimes I feel so old and sometimes I think, "Oh hell, I'm doing okay for an old woman."

But seriously- I'm staying out of the centers of commerce. That shit will age you. Or at least me.

Owen just ran onto the back porch and locked the door.

"Why did you lock the door?" I asked him.

"Zombies," he said.

There you go.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Good idea, Owen. I keep the front door locked and have everything I possibly can delivered, perhaps by zombies, soon drones, to the front porch. Can't stand most stores. Looking online for something to recover kitchen chair seats, I found, in the "crap like this" category, "Vinyl Faux Fake Leather Pleather Embossed Shiny Alligator Fabric, Gold".

    After I stopped laughing, I actually considered buying a yard, until I read in some of the pleather reviews that the stuff smells like gasoline.

    I'm glad you fight back by immediately going home and baking bread. Evens things up.

    And speaking of drones, whose houses are they photographing to make their addresses into word verifications? How creepy it would be to see your own in that little blurry picture.

  2. Zombies! I laughed and laughed.
    Good thing you have him to protect you.

  3. Ha! Maybe zombies are designing all that crap in the stores?

    Seriously, I feel the same way you do about retailing. I see some really atrocious stuff in stores, and I get so depressed when I think about all the factories in China pumping out smog in order to produce utter JUNK.

  4. With Owen around you will survive the Zombie Apocalypse!

  5. I think Zombies are responsible for the retail madness. I HATE shopping. I don't even feel like shopping for food. Guess I need some chickens. Or make me prune cake.

  6. You have a new house?!? I don't believe it. Can I have your old one? :)

    I vowed years ago I would never ever wear polyester when I got old, and really don't know why anyone would.

    You have a new house?

  7. Don't let him watch Walking Dead or he will really start locking doors. I think that you are doing great for any age. You rock!


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