Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lazy Is Better Than Crazy

The humidity has to be 100% today. No, no. I just checked. It's only 92%. There's a heat advisory too. Yeah. Nice weather.
For exactly no one.

So I'm being lazy. I have about one ton of stuff to do today including laundry, packing, and some cleaning.
La-di-dah. I'll get it done.
I told Jessie yesterday that maybe I wouldn't pack a thing, just buy everything new in Asheville. She thought that was a great idea.
I doubt my husband would approve.

Anyway, yeah. That's about it. The internet, with the exception of a few blogs y'all have written is all the same-same. Bikini bods, celebrities spilling the deets about their sex lives, quizzes you can take to tell you what color your aura is, how bad-ass you are, how open-minded you are, and how liberal or conservative you are.
Ain't wearing no bikini, ain't spilling no deets, I don't believe in auras, I'm not much of a bad-ass, I'm pretty damn open-minded, and I'm as liberal as you can get.
Didn't even have to take any quizzes to figure that out, either.

Missy just waddled into the hen house, hopefully to lay an egg. It looks like it might rain or then again, it might not. Half the yard has been tracked into my house on someone's boots, not accusing anyone or anything but I don't wear boots, the kitchen sink is filled with dirty dishes and I haven't eaten breakfast yet. I'm not complaining. Mr. Moon is long gone, working on the siding project. I'd eat breakfast but I can't decide whether I want a smoothie or an egg. I just realized that I have my left leg propped up on the table beside my laptop. Who sits like that? Also, that I wiggle my foot when I type. Owen likes to show me how strong he is by lifting my leg up into the air which is pretty hysterical and I always have to stop him before he breaks it off and I fall over.

Here's a picture of a luna moth that was on the porch on Friday. Owen very carefully took it outside and released it and it flew way up into the sky and was gone.
He is strong but he is gentle, too.

You have any deets you want to spill? If so, I'll be happy to hear them.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I can't decide if I want yogurt or just coffee.
    I wish I had some deers to spill.
    There's a grasshopper in my bathroom.
    Good morning!

  2. I associate luna moths with the south. My dad was stationed at Ft. Benning, Georgia, in the twenties. Black and white photography with big plates was his hobby and somewhere is a beautiful picture of a luna on a log. Nice recollection.

  3. never seen a luna moth in real life.

    so hot yesterday. 10 minutes outside not even exerting myself all that much and sweat was pouring off me and my hair was soaked. high summer has finally arrived.

  4. Beautiful moth! I love those things. We got one on our back porch when I was a child and I still remember it vividly.

    It sounds like you'll be getting away to NC just in time, given the escalating heat and humidity. (And I'm coming to Fla at a terrible time, but of course I knew that already.)

  5. The heat here (in southern Illinois) is oppressive! We have 91% humidity, 96 degrees, and the faint breeze feels like my blow dryer on low. Hubby picked a 5-gallon bucket of green beans yesterday, and together we picked 10 gallons of cucumbers. This morning I fixed breakfast (bacon and eggs, from our son's chicken, Layla), snipped beans, stared with a tiny bit of hatred at all the cucumbers, got beans ready to make some spicy pickled green beans (they're supposed to be yummy in Bloody Mary's), have a pot of green beans on the stove, and I'm still in my nightgown! Hubby just told me I should take a nice long shower and sit in front of the TV and watch the Cardinals/Cubs game. And I think I will!

  6. Denise- I finally decided on poached eggs. I took the freshest eggs we had which had just been delivered this very morning. Damn but they were good.
    Did you get the grasshopper out of the bathroom?

    Joanne- They are magical and huge and beautiful. I always feel as if I have been gifted when I see one.

    Ellen Abbott- My appetite for working outside has faded tremendously. Yes. High summer it is.

    Steve Reed- Summer in Florida. You are going to be in heatstroke mode the entire time. Stay hydrated. Your body isn't acclimated, you know.

    Catrina- Sometimes I despair at how poorly my garden is growing this year and then I think about the situation you're in and I'm all, "Oh well."
    Yes, pickled green beans in Bloody Marys are wonderful!

  7. Doesn't sound like a strange way to sit. I never have two feet on the floor when I'm sitting in a chair
    except in public, somewhat reluctantly.

  8. Ach, I got nothin', I'm afraid. My head is full of the misery in Gaza and the impossiblity of growth when people believe so hard that they're Right.

    I do 'believe' in auras, though I don't think that's the word for it, really. I just think we're electrical magnetic beings, and some people can see that glow. Michael Crighton wrote a really great book about his travel memoirs, including some time spent learning to see auras. It was good, I enjoyed the whole thing greatly. Would still rather read about climbing mountains than actually climb mountains, though, I must confess.

    I put my leg on the table sometimes too, but not to type - you've done more yoga than me!

  9. Ms Moon Wishing you a wonderful and memorable birthday. Have I missed it? or is it upcoming on your upcoming time away? At any rate......your skin is not crumpled, folded or soft. Not EVEN! You are a drop dead gorgeous 60 and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Don't even think it! One hot chick, is what I think ;-) ps....we are the same age, you and I.
    hugs from Calif
    Susan M

  10. A- I hear you. Good reason to wear underpants, right?

    Jo- Well, I don't really NOT believe in auras but I think they probably change every moment. So what good is a quiz?
    Although I am still somewhat limber, I have to take a second to walk when I get up. I promise you.

    Susan M- Hello! Thank you so much for your words. My birthday is tomorrow. So no, you have not missed it. What is sixty like for you? I think we need more words about this subject. Sixty, then...seventy. What is life supposed to be like at these ages? We do the best we can. We go on.

  11. When I was very small I used to see auras. No word of a lie. They were sort of like oil on a puddle but fuzzy. Some people had larger auras and some people had small ones. I did not know what they were but they were normal to me as someone's hair of eyes. They started disappearing as I got older and it was only about 5 years ago that I found out what they were. If I had not seen them as a open spirit of a child I would not have believed either. I have seen a few on certain people over the last 2 or 3 years.

  12. The heat and humidity is awful here. Today there was 110 heat index. But Asheville will be cool. A friend wrote that it was 63 on her deck. I could go for some of that weather.


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