Thursday, July 3, 2014

News Of Chickens, Cats, And Florida Political Issues

It rained last night and I missed it and I feel cheated. I slept too well! But it's beautiful this morning, a little bit cooler, a little bit greener and the leaves are dripping which is a soothing sound.

If some mornings I wake up and have to spend an hour or so convincing myself that life is indeed worth living, there are mornings like these when I wake up feeling that all is relatively well and I can jump right into a feeling of contentment and dare I say it? Gratitude, although that word, as I have said, has been used by so many for so many lame things that I feel as if I should go wash my hands after I type it or perhaps send Oprah fifty cents because surely she owns the rights to it. 
Still. Yes. Gratitude.

I have been getting one beautiful small brown egg every day and I had thought that perhaps it was Miss Lucille's egg and here she is on the nest this morning. I am beginning to wonder why the rest of the young hens aren't laying or thinking that perhaps they are laying but somewhere in the woods which would make the raccoons happy but doesn't do me one bit of good. Mr. Moon said this morning that before I let them out of the coop I should make them all sign a contract, promising an egg a day. 
I wish.
Their signatures would all be naught but chicken scratch and not legal in a court of law so I suppose there is no point.

Speaking of courts of law, there was a hearing yesterday in Miami wherein six couples have sued to overturn the same-sex marriage ban. As we know, these cases are happening everywhere and the bans are being overturned like dominoes. We shall see what happens in Florida. I watched a little of it yesterday, live-streamed, and of course I am no lawyer but it seemed to me that the arguments against the plaintiffs were ridiculous and even more importantly, it seemed as if the judge, Sarah Zabel, did not find them very convincing either. She is a young woman and her questions appeared to me to point out the absurdity of the claims being made. There were questions I wished she would have asked, especially to the point the attorney kept making about how marriage for millennia has been defined as being between a man and a woman. How many wives did King David have? Which may be apples and oranges as one assumes that David's wives were all of the female variety but still, not exactly one man, one woman. 
He also kept saying that one of the main reasons gay marriage is wrong is that procreation, which is the purpose of marriage, is not possible within it. Judge Zabel did point out that there are many people who marry who do not intend to nor do they have the capability to procreate which the lawyer agreed was true. And then he kept trying to make the point that the children in these non-procreational marriages are not being served by having gay parents. That the best way to raise a child is in a family with a Mother and a Father. 
To me it seems that any halfway intelligent twelve year old could point out the fallacies in these arguments and that a great blue whale could fall through the holes in them but that's just me. 

The judge has not made a ruling yet but will. There will be appeals, you can count on it, no matter what the outcome and of course eventually and perhaps before the next ice age, Florida's ban will fall with the rest of the dominoes and if pigs fly, then pigs fly. 
So be it and they can fly out my butt and I'll be thrilled. 
And as for all of those arguments that this is just the beginning of the slippery slope leading to the legalization of marriage between siblings as well as polygamy, I say- whatever. 
If two consenting adults or twelve consenting adults want to get married, I'm fine with it. So there.
I do draw the line at marriage between human and goat. 

I just saw either Cha-Cha or Chi-Chi fly up into a nest. I can also see Maurice out back, observing the chickens, which she loves to do. I still can't quite get over the fact that this cat has come into our house and taken over the way she has. I bought her some catnip yesterday and sprinkled a little on the floor for her last night. She took a sniff and walked away on her dainty, silent little feet. She just said, "NO!" As Lily pointed out when I told her about that, Maurice is a serious cat and has too much work to do to be messing around with drugs which is true. She brought me a nicely gutted frog yesterday and left it on the kitchen porch. Before bed every night, she patrols the perimeters of the room. She has her jobs to do and she does them. 

Oh wait! That is not Maurice out there watching the chickens! It is the orange feral cat with one eye. God, it's a freaking menagerie around here. Maurice is exploring the little pond, probably searching for another frog. 

And so it goes in Lloyd today. Chickens are scratching, cats are watching and hunting, the dogs are sleeping. I have to get out and take a walk. It is time to get my exercise and diet back under control. I have gotten sloppy with it and THAT DOES NOT WORK! 

May peace be with you and let me just say that polygamy works well within the domestic fowl culture. I have seen very few human marriages as successful as the one I observe daily between Elvis and his sister-wives. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Giving Oprah 50 cents is a great idea!

    That Cat. She is very busy and has so many responsibilities what with taking care of all of you humans. My dog has the same problem. He is passed out as I type this due to exhaustion brought on by watching me work from home today. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

  2. Does Maurice fight w/ orange one-eye cat or Luna? Just curious.

    I can't wait for us all to stop fussing about marriage.

  3. just to let you know...every time I read your posts after about 45 seconds the blog disappears and full page advertisement comes on. I have to click out of that and click on the blog again....the last advertisement was from Sears...

  4. Maybe this is why I like the news of your chickens so much. It seems like a mean and spiteful world these last few days. Thank you for brightening it.

  5. i love what Lily said about Maurice. I am so fascinated by the way she just showed up. She is a spirit animal. A good spirit, for sure.

  6. Thanks for the advice on the tomatoes yesterday. We just realized we haven't seen a lot of bees....sadly. Then again the Roma tomato plant is full and happy.

    Of the 5 new hens we have this year, one has just begun to lay. Yeah! We got ours in April and I figured sometime in July they would begin laying. Good because our son eats 3 eggs a day and has seriously emptied out my normal overload supply. Our neighbors and family are missing the extra eggs we use to pass out.

    Happy walking....

  7. Jill- The things our animals do for us! It's just one sacrifice and task after another, isn't it?

    SJ- Maurice and Luna have had spat-offs. I am sure that Luna is desperately jealous of Maurice. And Maurice is not sure why Luna is even here. But they are getting along fine now in that they each pretend the other doesn't exist. I've never seen Maurice and Orange One-Eye bow up.

    aintforcitygals- I've seen that on other blogs. EVERY TIME? Do you use Chrome as a browser?

    Denise- Well, peace begins at home, so they say.
    It makes me so happy that you like my chicken-news.

    Angella- She really is. I had been getting signs from wherever it is that these things come from for awhile that a being was going to show up and I actually thought one of my daughters might be pregnant. And then- it was a cat! How funny. I still can't (don't) believe it and we are. She is right beside my laptop. I just gently stroked her chin.

    Ellen- It was just a theory although if the Roma's are blooming, it's probably something else. Who knows? Yes, these April hens need to get on with it. They are not paying for their keep!

  8. This made me smile super big.

    The US of A gets way too much into people's business

    i love you Ms Moon

  9. Michelle- I love you, honey. Sure do.

  10. Oh that Maurice, how I adore you. And you. I adore you, and Maurice adores you, too.

  11. I will be so impressed if Florida legalizes gay marriage, even by judicial fiat. The other day I saw a county-by-county national map of states where evangelicals and mormons predominate, and Florida, surprisingly, was not all that evangelical -- even in the middle. Still, it would be pretty revolutionary for most Florida counties to begin gay-marrying people. I hope it happens!

  12. Oh, and as for King David, there IS that longstanding rumor about him and Jonathan:

    (My word verification is "butduct." I am not making this up.)

  13. My problem with polygamy is it still (for the most part treats) women as possessions. A woman may "choose" to be in a polygamous relationship but that is because she has no other options. Women that end up being in these relationships are usually uneducated and the only option for them is to marry and have baby after baby after baby. Making it legal worries me because it keeps women stuck. We are not talking about women like you and me but women that have known no other life.

    The other issue is the cost to taxpayers. Here is Canada children receive "Child Tax Benefit". If a man has 5 wives and 25 children it is the taxpayer that ends up paying up to $600.00 a month per child, dependant on family income and how many children are in the family. Yes, that same man can go impregnate enough women to have 25 children but it is more likely in a polygamous relationship.

    My 2 cents. I hope this makes sense. I am far better with the spoken word than typing!

  14. NOLA- I do not know that Maurice adores me but she allows me to be her human. And I'm satisfied with that.

    Steve- I know! Wouldn't it be amazing and wonderful? And as to the David-Jonathan thing- I said exactly that to my husband. Of course, he didn't MARRY Jonathan.
    "Butduct". Haha!

    Birdie- You make excellent points. But the same could be said of many women in one-man, one-woman marriages. No way out, dependent, etc. You sure are right about those who would bilk the system.


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