Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beauty Everywhere. Dinner At May And Michael's House

I'm not even going to try and tell you what each picture means to me. I''m just going to give them to you.

It was magical.

My heart, my soul, my camera were hungry for all of it. tacos and the best guacamole I ever ate. 

What a beautiful evening. 

I begged May to have a ladies' dance night soon. She said she would. 
I can't wait. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh Mama, it did my heart so good to have you here, to have all my loves so close and in my home. Thank you. Thank you.

  2. May- It was the BEST!
    Thank you for having us.
    I love you more than beans and rice.

  3. Beauty. Joy. Love. Art. Connection. You captured it all.

    And you, my dear, are stunning in your new glasses.

  4. Ha ha, now May has the chairs!

  5. Her house just exudes warmth. And I love that photo of you, Mary!

  6. Looks like a great time. I love that letter from Owen.

  7. What lovely pictures of your evening. You look beautiful, May looks beautiful. I swear you are twins! I too love the letter from Owen. All of the photos are just magical. Thank you for sharing them. Sweet Jo

  8. Lovely to see May's house and all of you there. Dinner sounds delicious. May is carrying on the legacy :)

  9. Such a beautiful family! Although I don't comment that much, know I read your posts are a favorite. XO~ Sue

  10. Angella- What the hell compels me to take selfies of myself in people's bathrooms? And why are they always the best pictures of me? Hmmmm. Maybe those two questions are related.

    Mr. Downtown- Haha! The chairs!

    Elizabeth- It is completely charming, their house. I just love it! And the yard is beautiful too.

    Steve Reed- But no cockroaches!!!!
    That's my boy.

    Sweet Jo- May is surely my girl, isn't she?

    Jo- It was awesome, just going and hanging out and trying to stay out of the way of the cooking.

    Susan Johnson- Why, thank you! I'm glad you're here.

    Ellen Abbott- My kids just knock me off my feet.

  11. i would love the fish taco recipe if it can be shared!

    what a wonderful time. we had a bonfire and yankee supper (popcorn and beer).


  12. May seems like a chip off the old block! I love that you took pics of every single thing that was precious.

  13. Mrs. A- You'll have to ask Missy May. I'm sure she'd share.

    Denise- It is a loving space and it was filled with loving people.

    heartinhand- Oh honey! I took about fifty more pictures of precious things. These were just the ones that turned out the best.

  14. Thanks for the photos. I don't think that I have seen May's house before. Are those the Tibetan flags? Very cool.

  15. OH! The photos capture the magic beautifully. The picture of you is especially sweet, feminine and lovely.
    All of a it a gift.

  16. Syd- I had never seen May's house before so yep. you neither!
    Tibetan flags for sure.

    Yobobe- I dressed up for the occasion.


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