Friday, July 18, 2014

I Keep Moving, Albeit In My Own Way

Ah. Done with the walk and this week I have upped both milage and speed. I suppose I am determined to enter my sixties with a least a modicum of strength. It makes me feel strong to walk; whether in all actuality it does make me strong is another matter. But knowing that I can indeed increase the number of my footsteps and the speed in which I take them is a cheering thought.

Of course I have to take Ibuprofen to be able to walk at all the rest of the day but as long as that works, I am happy.

And it is Friday and so I go to town and Lily and the boys and I will go to the Big Library and then to lunch with Hank and then to the grocery store by which time I will no longer feel strong but ready to weep and then I'll come home and unload everything and maybe lie down for a bit and then I'll get up and have my coffee and my husband will come home and we'll have our martinis on the porch.

My poor man. He has been holding a gift certificate for two different restaurants that a grateful customer gave him for months and he keeps asking me to go out with him to use them up and I keep saying, "No, no. I'd rather stay home."
And I would.
I am such a creature of habit. I want our Friday night here where the glow of our drinks make us see our little world and each other with new eyes, and perhaps take a stroll around the estate and feed the chickens some grapes and stop to kiss and be comfortable and content and then I make something lovely to eat and here we are, right here, steps away from bed, and really, that's all I want. Not to be out in the world with strangers eating food that comes from a corporate kitchen.

I had a call last week from a woman asking me to help with the campaign of a candidate I do believe in and I told her that I was very sorry but that I am something of a hermit and I will get out to vote but no, no, I am no organizer. It felt liberating, in a way, saying that. "I am something of a hermit."
True and yet I am not ashamed of it and this is who I am and yes, I can still go out into the world and I do but I am very, very picky about where and when and that is just the truth of it.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It's good to be comfortable in your skin.

  2. I am somewhat of a hermit too. And I know how unhealthy it is for me to isolate. I have to force myself to get out and do things with groups and with other people--not all the time, but most of the time I have really make an effort.

  3. Maybe that is the draw...I too am a hermit, full blown I think...and not ashamed to admit it!

  4. Hermits unite! Oh, wait...

  5. I'm a hermit who is trying to become a butterfly. It's fucking exhausting.

  6. When I meet new neighbors I have started telling them that I am very introverted and to not be offended if I seem unfriendly. They take it well and seem to understand. And I love how much pressure it takes off of me.

  7. I think it's great to be comfortable with your hermit-ness. (Is that a word? Pretty sure it's not.) As has been observed by others, there is a lot of power in saying no.

  8. I may steal that line, said one hermit to another.


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