Friday, July 11, 2014


And so it goes.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. This makes me feel so happy inside.

  2. Nice. I really like the table and chairs. Very funky.

  3. I love your items on the walls. Very nice.

  4. I told Dave we really need a similar martini time. We need those glasses, too!

  5. Oh my. This is sublime. Love the new porch table and chairs. Perfect. As you knew it would be.

  6. Gorgeous photos! Warm and beautiful.

  7. Gradydoctor- It made me happy inside, too!

    S- Yep. It's grand.

    Syd- Shabby chic except without the chic!

    Elizabeth- Turned out pretty sweet.

    Allison- I do love to put stuff on the walls. Thanks!

    Steve Reed- These are lovely glasses. Mikasa, I think. The problem with martini glasses is that they are so delicate and drink martinis out of them which somehow, sometimes, leads to breakage. Damn.

    heartinhand- Thank you, love!

    Angella- I sure didn't need that table but I like it.

    Jo- The magic hour of sun-going-down light.

  8. Love that table and chairs. Nice find! And you make me fall in in love with That Cat (I'll just add her to the rest of the humans and critters you've already made me love).

  9. I meant to say, the light shining in that Martini... you're drinking some magic, right there.


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