Sunday, July 20, 2014

Chickens And Eggs And Love And All That Stuff

Lazy, lazy morning.
Mr. Moon is back at the siding project with our across-the-street neighbor. They got rained out yesterday which made me happy because that meant my husband came home and we took a nap and the rain fell down and Maurice cuddled with me and it was so nice. And then that dinner last night.
Golly. What a sweet day it turned out to be.

Mr. Moon had promised our neighbor to make egg sandwiches for their breakfast this morning before they got to work and he brought that fact up about a dozen times last night. I refused to rise to the bait and this morning I did not rise to the task and indeed, woke up to the smell of bacon. When I got up, the fellas had had a fine breakfast that Mr. Moon made himself and he even cooked me some bacon and offered to make me some eggs before they left to go do the siding.
"Oh, thank-you but please no," I said. "I'll cook my own eggs."

After they left I made a smoothie instead with some of the fruit salad I'd made last night and two figs off one of our trees. Probably the only damn two figs we'll get due to squirrels. And that bacon?
Ah. That will be my lunch on a sandwich with tomatoes. Yes.

I believe that Miss Eggy Tina has laid her first egg.

Her tiny sister Missy has been laying regularly but this morning there were two of the little eggs in the nest and if Missy's egg is small, Eggy Tina's is a miniature of that. They will probably get bigger but neither one is ever going to lay an egg as big as the other hens'. They are banties, I suppose. Fancy pants ones but still, banties. So I think that of all the new hens, everyone is laying except possibly Nicey. I know that Butterscotch and Lucille are, Chi-Chi and Cha-Cha are and now both Missy and Eggy Tina, and so that leaves Nicey. I am a bit disappointed in that none of the girls are laying anything but brown and ivory and white eggs. No green ones, no blues.
Oh well. Perhaps if I educated myself on things like chicken breeds, I might have chosen different peeps but I haven't and didn't and I love the ones I have and what a perfect little flock they are with their husband, Drogo, who is becoming a fine rooster and they are all part of the whole family of chickens and there is peace in the yard between them all.

And so it goes in Lloyd on another Sunday. I keep thinking about how much fun we had last night. We are such a chaotic group when we all get together. And soon, Jessie and Vergil will be part of it too. I am thinking of those two today. Vergil has been gone for two weeks on a trip down a river in Colorado and Jessie has been missing him "insanely" as she says and he will be home to her today.

It is good to know that all of my own chickens are well and safe and good.

Time to get out and do something. Clean up the kitchen for one thing. I may not have made the breakfast but I will gladly clean it up. Maybe I'll clear out a bit more of the garden, pick some more bell peppers and stuff them for our supper.

I see that James Garner has died. Bless him. He was a fine actor. One of my favorite movies ever in the world starred him and Sally Fields. "Murphy's Romance" and if you've never seen it, aw, just go ahead and do it. It's sweet and simple and funny and I fell in love with him all over again when it came out and every time I watch it, I love him even more.

All right. That's it.
Is it lunchtime yet?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yes, I felt sad about James Garner. I used to watch Maverick back when I was a kid. Another person from childhood gone. Lazy day for me. Raining much of the day so I just made the most of a nap.

  2. Syd- Naps are sacred. I remember Maverick too. He was so beautiful in that role.

  3. I never saw "Murphy's Romance," but I remember when it came out. I should rent it one of these days. I really like Sally Field, too.

    I never saw "Maverick" but I was a childhood devotee of "The Rockford Files." It was a Friday night staple when my brother and I stayed the night at my dad's post-divorce apartment!

  4. LOVED Murphy's Romance. My sisters and I watched that countless times while growing up. They both texted me with quotes from the movie yesterday. "Am I supposed to wipe off what you don't wash off?!" Very sad news.


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