Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I Am Old As Dirt, I Am Young As A Maid In A Field Of Elderflowers

I'm sitting on the porch of this incredibly beautiful little apartment in Asheville with the flowers and herbs in the yard with Lis and with Liz and it's so cool that we sort of need sweaters and it's been the most beautiful day.

Really, it's been just pure magic, all day, driving up through Georgia with the fields of cotton and sunflowers and pecan trees and pine trees and that magnolia nursery and we stopped in Omega, Georgia at Jesus y Maria taqueria for our lunch and at Jittery Joe's in Athens for afternoon coffee and when we got to Asheville, Jessie had decorated the apartment with flowers from Mr. Moon and flowers that she'd bought and there were incredible cheeses and breads and bread and crackers and fruit and liquor and tomatoes and oh, god. I don't even know.
And a chocolate cake the SIZE OF THE PARTHENON!

And Liz Sparks came over and we all met Vergil for supper and it was delicious and now here we are on the porch of this beautiful apartment, Liz and Lis and I, sipping the most delicious cocktails of vodka, tonic and St. Germaine (why did I have to be sixty years old to discover St. Germaine?) and telling stories.

All day I've been saying, "Now that I'm sixty I'm just going to..."
And then I'll say things like, "Flirt shamelessly with incredibly inappropriately young counter guys."
"Are you writing these down?" I asked Lis at one point.
"I should be," she said.

Oh Lord. I just realized. I'm sixty and one day old. It's like one in the morning!

It's good. It's real good.

And if I could possibly tell all of you who left me birthday messages today what they meant to me, I'd be here all night long. Let me just say that I've cried more than once today, reading them.
I am the richest woman on earth.

I am happy. So very, very happy.

Thank all of you. From the very bottom of my sixty-year old heart to the very top of my ageless soul.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Ha! I love the now that I'm sixty list....
    Beautiful photos. Sumptuous food. Sumptuous you!

  2. Happy Birthday dear Ms Moon

    Been reading for a while, love your writing

    Birthday Wishes

    from Sally in the UK

  3. OH! Ms Moon, you are a vision!
    Sending you the happiest Birthday wishes I can conjure. All those happy and beautiful photos!
    much love to you!

  4. Happy 60 + 1 day ~ looks like you are celebrating in the best possible manner...may these friends, family and festivities carry on for many years to come! Hugs to all :)

  5. Make 'em blush Ms Moon! Happy Birthday!!

  6. Love the flowers, the cake, the food, the friends, the family, the love! So glad you are ushering in a new year with such joy.
    And isn't St. Germaine just wonderful? A splash in a glass of champagne is perfect.
    And so are you. :)

  7. Happy birthday and one day, Mary, and thank you for all the poetry and color and light and smarts and beauty, not to mention PEOPLE, you add to my life. If your blog were a house, I'd be sitting on the porch every morning waiting to see what's next.

  8. today as always you remain an inspiration and still the lady i want to be when i dont grow up in 10 years


  9. Happy birthday to you! I often think that I want to be like you when I grow up…if anyone ever really grows up. Brave…celebrating happiness.

  10. Happy Birthday and welcome to the sixties! Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Well, damn, I didn't wish you happy birthday on THE DAY, but it is your birthday week which means you get to celebrate all week. So Happy Birthday, dear Mary. I hope you realize how special you are. BTW, age is just a number!

  12. God, Vergil and Jessie are just Glowing! Look at them!

  13. Damn, all the food looks great!

    And Athens, home of REM and the GA Bulldogs. Hot damn!!!

    Love you, woman.

  14. Sister Moon, I missed the chance to wish you the happiest of happy birthdays. Celebrate all decade long! The fifties looked great on you and I can tell the sixties will look even better. Love you, my dear.


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