Friday, July 25, 2014

Could I Ask For Anything More?

Here's an angle in my crazy kitchen you may not have seen. Especially with such a noble feline profile in it. Do you want to know something funny? I saw that rooster and craved it and asked for it for Christmas long before I ever had chickens. It's from Mexico but was bought in Tallahassee but the little ristras hanging on either side of it were bought in El Mercado in Cozumel. That giant daisy up there is one that Hank bought me one year for Christmas. It's counterpart is on the cabinet next to it. I have no idea where they were made but suspect Taiwan.
Remember when "Made In Japan" meant crap?

The boys' daddy got here around one-thirty to pick them up and Gibson was sound asleep. Of course. Around noon he was playing in the Glen Den with some magnetic toys that Kathleen's husband had bought for them and all of a sudden, he just got up on the couch, leaned on me and fell asleep.
Owen was in the kitchen and he kept yelling for me. I didn't want to disturb Gibson so I just yelled back. I know. That doesn't make sense.
"I can't come in there now, Owen!"
"Why not?"
"Come in here and see."
"My brother's asleep on you?"

Does Owen know his brother or what?

Owen did some cleaning for me today. He likes to clean. He always has. He cleaned the TV screen and some windows and moved on to cleaning a wooden dragon with a toothbrush in the sink. Then a wooden Buddha. Then my wooden Virgin of Guadalupe.

Then a seashell. He was on fire with cleaning. I picked some fresh zinnias to go with Ms. Guadalupe. She looks happy, doesn't she?

Too bad his dad got here so early. I was about to have him start dusting. Give that kid a rag and a spray can or bottle and he is ON IT!

So it's Friday night and you know what that means. I've cleaned the glass tabletop of my new table on the porch and put some zinnias on it too and the glasses are chilling. Mr. Moon has come home from town and we're about to go sit and enjoy. I've had a nap myself and a glass of iced espresso and Mr. Moon brought us a pizza from the Costco and this should be a lovely Friday night.

Maurice is ready. She likes to come and hang out on the porch with us. She brought me a dragonfly before we had our nap together. I don't know why she bothered to bring it to me. She ate it all, the selfish little kitty. Didn't offer to share so much as a wing.

Gotta go pierce some olives, peel a little lemon.

Life is good.


  1. What a wonderful Friday night.

    I have this weird image of a cocktail garnished with a dragonfly. A Kitty Cocktail, no doubt.

  2. This makes me want to quote Anne Shirley (of Green Gables). The first part is religious so I'll leave it out, but it ends with "All's right with the world."

  3. That Maurice has entangled herself around your heart.

  4. Life does sound good. Enjoy your Friday and the rest of your weekend, Ms. Moon.

  5. It has been raining with a good old fashion thunderstorm here. Oh well--it's all good. Enjoy your Friday martini time.

  6. I myself had a delightful grapefruit juice and vodka cocktail tonight at home with two dear friends and Sophie. All is indeed right with the world - at least for a moment or so.

  7. Ah, I'm teary. The pms has me in its grip!

  8. my grandson was like that when he was little. would take it on himself to straighten up the room we played in (and I worked in). he would even get the broom and sweep.

  9. I had a hot tub Friday night with girlfriends and wine, it was divine!
    I love that you have Friday martinis with Mr. Moon. Love it.

  10. I love the things Owen cleans- the Buddha, the dragon, the goddess. He knows what's important to pay attention to.

  11. Denise- I think a cocktail with a dragonfly perched on it would be lovely! And so does Maurice.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Sometimes, yes, for a moment or two, all IS right with the world. I loved Anne.

    Birdie- Dammit, yes.
    I am hers.

    Mr. Shife- You too!

    Syd- We did. I love this rain we're getting. LOVE IT!

    Beth Coyote- I try to be good. Sometimes I am not. Sometimes not being good is the very best thing. As you know.

    Elizabeth- Vodka mixes lovely with almost anything. It's the Universal Solvent.

    Jo- It's okay. Here's a hankie.

    Ellen Abbott- Where do they get these things? Not from me, I'll tell you that.

    Heartinhand- We love it too!

  12. Andrea- He was cleaning everything he could get in the sink. He's so funny. And dear.

  13. Too bad my boys don't have that clean up gene. Le sigh.


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