Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mary. Get Your Ass Out Of The House Sometimes

I spent such a good day cooking good food. Chicken and dumplings. Green beans. French bread. Blackberry/Cherry/Peach cobbler. Caprese salad with red and yellow tomatoes and basil from the garden, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, mozzarella.

I got to spend so many long minutes talking to Kathleen in her new house out on a little side porch while the rain poured down around us. We talked about fellas and chickens and cats and dogs and living and what that means.

She ate two helpings of some of the things I cooked. Do you know how that makes me feel? SHE DRANK A MARTINI!

Lord. I hope that tonight she sleeps well and peacefully and doesn't curse my name for any of the above.

I got dressed up for the event. I'm so glad I did because it was a beautiful event.

Let us grow old together. Whatever that means.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love that! But why does the title say "get your ass out of the house?" I almost NEVER leave my house on week-ends for the very reasons your story describes. I love being home, cooking, gardening, relaxing. Love you, Mary! Hugs to Glen.


  2. I like the word fellas. Sounds so relaxed. And the dinner in the rain sounds wonderful.

  3. You look so beautiful in that photo.

  4. You look just lovely in that picture. Don't talk about about lighting or such. You are a beautiful woman. I am glad you provided sustenance for Kathleen, it seems on many levels. This karmic action is part of your beauty. Sweet Jo

  5. so hard to pry myself out of the house to go anywhere or do anything. why is that? I always have fun when I do.

  6. Glad that you went to see Kathleen. I am glad that she ate a lot! That's awesome. I hope that you and all of us on here grow old, very old.

  7. Rita- Because sometimes it is good to go away and be with friends and then come home. Hugs to you and Jim as well!

    A- I like "fellas" too. Such a comfy word.

    Elizabeth- Thanks, sugar.

    Sweet Jo- Ah, but I need to do so much more for her. It would be so easy for me.
    Thank you for saying I am beautiful.

    Ellen Abbott- I have no idea. Is it the false sense of safety about being at home? Or's not so false. Whatever. Some of us are homebodies.

    Syd- Me too, brother. Me too.


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