Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Go Home, Florida. You're Drunk

Our governor. And yeah, I take Anderson Cooper's point and agree with it 100% but the most important thing about this video to me is just how freaking crazy scary Scott is. Look at those eyes. But not for too long. That would be dangerous.

Oh Florida. You never cease to amaze me. Sometimes in a good way.
Sometimes, not so much.


  1. omg. hilarious in a really scary way. how did this guy ever get elected is my question? is it because he's so appreciative?

  2. He reminds me of a meth-head. But I live in Texas and we have our own brain dead governor. My sympathies.

  3. What an idiot he is, how did he ever get elected? Gail

  4. He must be a robot controlled by aliens preparing to take over the earth.

  5. He definitely looks like a meth-head. And I wonder what would happen if you lined up his photo alongside of Charlie Manson's -- same crazy eyes, I think.

  6. Yobobe- He probably got elected because he used seventy-five million of his own dollars to run his campaign with. He's a freaking criminal.
    I mean, really. He is.

    Florence- We do not generally pick the best governors for our state, do we?

    Gail- See what I said to Ms. Yo.

    Stephanie- I've had the exact same thought. I mean EXACT!

    Midlife Roadtripper- I was born there.

    Elizabeth- He may be a meth-head for all I know. And he's obsessed with doing drug testing on people. Like welfare recipients and state workers. Obsessed. I believe one of his cronies owns a huge drug-testing company.

  7. OMG. He is such a creepy man. And his answers (or lack of them) would be merely funny or pathetic if he weren't also a completely immoral, thieving corporate criminal.

  8. Steve Reed- The creepiest of the creeps. There are no words to describe his creeposity. And yes, he is a completely immoral, thieving corporate criminal. Not to put too fine a point on it.

  9. Hmmm....what's amazing is that a lot of people think that this fellow is great. And they think that the Texas gov. is great too. SMH.


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