Monday, July 7, 2014


I thought I was going to write a post tonight about grandchildren and all of the energy they take and the things I did with my mine today which, for five and a half hours required an unbelievable amount of activity. I thought I would write about how Owen made up his own rules for the game we played on the Monopoly board with dice which ensured that he would win or how Gibson, at the age of two is learning his colors and numbers, or how many snacks they ate, and how Owen took the bird book and his binoculars outside with a whistle of his grandfather's to try and call in a bald eagle and stood on the highest part of his play set and whistled and whistled and whistled, or how Gibson ate the cherry tomatoes from the garden and fed leaves to the goats next door or how Owen, when his Boppa came home to quickly change and pack to get on the road for the auction, wanted him to tell me that I was the BEST COOKER in the world (and Boppa did)... and then I went over to visit Elizabeth. 
And I watched the video she put up again that she made about extreme parenting and I was fucking humbled to my soul.
Yes, I've seen it before. Yes, it brought me to my knees again.

For all of you who might be out there whose child is not a "normal" (and what the hell does THAT mean?) child who are facing situations which you never imagined facing and for all of us who have never experienced that but who need to be reminded that some parents do, I give you this.

And I will tell you that we all of us should not shy away from asking for help because we humans are put here on earth to help each other and to love our neighbors as ourselves and that applies whether we have children who need extreme parenting or are regular humans in need of any sort of help, even if that just means that we need someone to listen to the sorrows of our hearts.

I feel so blessed to be a part of this community. To have the ability to learn and be educated.

I was also going to write about how Gibson recently really, really looked at the oh-so-Catholic plaster statue that came with this house, of the Nativity which I have set in the fireplace of the dining room and said, "Baby sad."
And I said, "Why don't you kiss him?"
And he did.
And he always does. And plugs in the pretty lights surrounding this rather bizarre piece of artwork.

We are born wanting to help and yet, so often we are afraid to ask for that which is needed. Out of shame, out of pride, out of fear of rejection...I don't know. 

We need to stop that. 

We need to accept the fact that every goddam one of us needs help at one time or another. And that asking for help is a sort of strength. 
And a blessing for those we ask if they are able to give what is needed. 
Trust me. 
On both ends of that deal. I know. I'm as human as anyone else and as such, sometimes I need help and sometimes I need to give it. As do you. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. YES! A loud and resounding, YES!

  2. Elizabeth- As always, thank-you, woman.

  3. And Patty Griffin's wonderful song too.

  4. I too know that I must ask for what I need. Humility is a great quality.

  5. I would be lost without help. Long lost and long gone.
    And I can give help too.

  6. Yes, asking for help is certainly difficult but accepting help is even harder .... for me anyway. A good friend tuned me up about accepting help a few years ago when I was very sick ..... she said that I was taking joy from her when I wouldn't accept help .... the joy she got from giving. I'll never forget it!!

  7. This is the core of what life is about. We're made to be there for one another, not on our own little islands unto ourselves. You're a sage, MM. xoxoxo

  8. She is something special, our Elizabeth. So are you.


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