Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Curious Mishmash

I made the conscious decision to stay in bed this morning way past the time when I should have gotten up and was punished by falling into unconsciousness and having yet another in the long line of cluttered and fucked-up house dreams that I've been having and this one even brought back the theme of the haunted Titanic basement which I thought was over forever after I dreamed years ago that I gave the entire basement to a university or museum for study.
Did they give it back?
New elements were introduced in this morning's dream including rotten meats, antique ovens which were not hooked up properly to the gas, inability to find tea bags and a new, second story floor of haunted rooms.

What the hell?

I mean, what the fucking hell? My house may be a bit cluttered but it's not THAT bad. Do I unconsciously yearn to live in a Zen monastery or something? Empty rooms with rice screens and a mattress on the floor?
God. I don't think so. I did take down the heavy drapes in the library this week. They are beautiful drapes and were hanging in there when we bought the house but it's a dark room as is and I just couldn't take the cave-likeness of it any more and so now there are just empty windows and more light and I washed those curtains and am giving them to May. More light! More light! More light! And there would be even more light if I washed the windows.

So here it is, Saturday, and yes, last night was lovely and this morning Mr. Moon found where some of the hens have been laying which was behind the bale of hay in the henhouse on the floor and those crazy girls!

I'm going to meet Hank for lunch at Fanny's so I'll get to see my May and Taylor and I'm looking forward to that. We are perhaps having supper tonight with Lily and Jason, a real double date in that the boys will probably be at their other grandmother's house. I'm not sure we've ever done that! And so the birthday celebrations move apace and today is Mick Jagger's birthday and he is seventy-one and I wish him well and continued success with his chosen career. I think he might actually break through to the big time if he keeps at it.

I hear the Republicans are going to start impeachment proceedings against our president and I am so curious as to the grounds they plan to do this on. I asked Mr. Moon about this a little while ago. "Why?" I asked.
"Because he's black," said my husband.
"Oh yeah," I said.
Now it all makes sense.

So little makes sense these days and I don't even want to start talking about it but right here in Lloyd, things mostly make sense except for the things that don't like my dreams and why people throw their trash on the side of the road but that can hardly equate to impeachment and bombings and denying people equal rights under the law right here in the United States of America and using children as a political weapon.

Ah yah. Move on, keep balancing on the wheel, run for your life, jump off, lay under a tree and look up at the clouds, take it as it comes, seize it by the tail, sling it into the heavens, dance like a snake, dream like a motherfucker, have your machete close to hand, always take your own pillow, eat your vegetables, kiss your babies, tell everyone you love that you love them, try not to be afraid.

That's all I've got today.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh Mary... I know, I know only too well. I hope tonight brings you a more peaceful sleep x

  2. There's no better place than here to get my news and bit of wisdom and encouragement to keep on keeping on.

  3. I think the country has gone nuts. Totally. The POTUS should be given accolades for not turning a drone on some of the dumb asses that he has to deal with. If it were my country, as a dictator, I would send all the right wing nuts in a caravan to Texas and then cut Texas off from the rest of the country and let it become its own little country of gun toting homophobic nut jobs. Just sayin'.

  4. I guess some people are still stuck in the 60s. (I'm talking about the prejudiced, right-wing assholes, not the ardent Rolling Stones fans!)
    I need to paint some colors into this beige house this winter. I'm sick of beige. Light is good. For the vision and for the spirit.

  5. Sandy- It takes me about two hours to return to real life. I swear.

    Elizabeth- Except on the days I want to jump off a high bridge and be done with it all.

    Syd- Now there's an executive order I could totally get behind.

    Heartinhand- I remember one part of my dream which was lovely- a room that was just bohemian luxury. Color everywhere! Reds and royal blues and yellows and greens! It was messy but not cluttered. Maybe I should focus on that.
    And as I always say- life is too short for beige.

  6. Mehr light!

    German for more light. When my string quartet played through Germany we were always yelling MEHR LICHT! MEHR LICHT! because we were playing in damp dark 18th century churches.

    Happy almost birthday.

  7. Because he is black? Are you fuckign kidding me? Send some of those right-wing assholes up to Canada and we will all gladly kick their asses. Seriously, who thinks that way?
    I get a lot of weird dreams as well. Dreams that wake me up. I fell back to sleep and have another. And on it goes. Ativan helps but I am trying to stay away from it. Sometimes just getting up and getting a drink of water and a bit of air helps.

    I changed my mind. Don't send those fuckers to Canada. They don't deserve to have the health care that they are so vehemently against. How about Somalia?

  8. That's a lot Mrs. Moon. You've got a lot to write about.
    Dreams are just so weird, aren't they.

  9. Whatever "real life" is Mary! Enjoy your double date... go out, have fun, good food and laugh with your loves. Dream like a motherfucker tonight... a peaceful and refreshing motherfucker dream! You and your words keep me going... don't ever stop being you x

  10. I don't think your house dreams have anything to do with the house you're in now, where even the cave like rooms are filled with their own light. i think it's the other house, the one from your childhood, and you subconscious is processing, still processing. but then you get to wake up and look forward to a day such as you've described, a delight all around, looking into the faces of your children. I am happy for you. And I am happy to be able to come here to this plainspoken place and see the world as it is, and yet sprinkled with light and love, mary moon style.

  11. Rebecca- Thank you! And for our birthday wishes, I would wish us both Mehr Licht. Always and always.

    Birdie- I like Syd's idea. Just send 'em all to Texas and be done with it.
    Yes. Sometimes I have to get up and go sit on the porch for awhile after one of those dreams.

    Denise- They are SO weird.

    Sandy- Who else could I be? Thank you, sweetie.

    Angella- I just commented on your blog about how lucky I feel to be able to visit at your place, to receive your words. To touch hearts. You always touch mine. Thank you.

  12. Those people in Congress have made a mockery of this country. that's all I'm going to say about that, this time. Maybe your house dreams illustrate your feelings about all the fucked up people running this country.

  13. Impeachment? Oh, brother. Just when I think Congress can't lower its popularity ratings any more, those folks find a way.


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