Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sometimes You Gotta Dance

Okay. So it was the sort of night where the music came out. Started with the new (very old) album, went on to even older albums, there was hallway dancing. Joni Mitchell and Crosby, Stills and Nash. And then Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. And then the Stones', Let It Bleed. 
It felt wonderful, blissful. And the whole time I kept saying to my husband, "Don't laugh at me. I might do this all night."
Of course I didn't. I think the party was over at ten. In bed by eleven.
And then the animals. Oh god. Maurice licking my face. Buster and Dolly both got in our room and scratched and rolled and sighed and snorked and I put Buster out, not realizing that Dolly was there too, and then I did and put her out and then Maurice wanted to play and really?
No. No. No.
Then the dreams. The chaos. The house filled with people and junk and junk and people and junk and rotting food and dirty laundry and more people and more junk and someone had done costumes for a play and left material and a mannequin with half a costume pinned to it and pins and needles and scissors and a group of Israeli students were living downstairs and partying all night long and I told them, "You have to get out now!" and they went and left behind all of their stuff and no one cleaned up after themselves and I desperately wanted to get my husband alone but there was no place where people weren't, even in this huge house.

Very restful evening.

And I feel so guilty because in real life my husband has been up and working to put up siding on a duplex we own in town since 6:45 and I slept (finally) until 8:45 and I haven't done one damn thing except read the paper and sit here and look at crap on the internet and let the chickens out.

And now it's raining.

Oh, Saturday. Could I suspend my guilt for being a hallway-dancing-party-monster, useless lay-about for just the span of you?

I think I'll make some, uh, brunch.

And then watch the rest of this which is a clip from the Today show wherein the guys who just made a movie about the Late, Great, James Brown talk about it.

Now there's a movie I'll go to see. I'll probably dance my way through the whole thing. I better sit in the back of the theater.

Much Love...Your Dancin' Fool Correspondant, Ms. Moon


  1. I have not been remembering my dreams lately. the first conscious thought and they are gone from my mind but I do know that I have been dreaming a lot.

  2. You have reminded me that I need some more music in my life. And dancing. And foolishness.
    And aren't dreams amazing?

  3. Sounds like an excellent way to spend an evening, Ms. Moon. I saw the preview for that James Brown in the theater recently and I was intrigued. Enjoy your Saturday.

  4. I love your dreams. And this sounds like a perfect evening and morning -- it's just the time in-between that was trying --

  5. I too need more dancing. Maybe this coming week on the boat. That is a good place to sing and dance.

  6. If I were to listen to the music that matched my mood right now, it would be death metal or some other violent crazy stuff I probably don't have on my iPod.
    I'm glad you danced.
    One of us better be chipper! Lol

  7. I forgot to tell you this morning when I read this on my phone, but I freakin dreamed about Israeli's TOO!!! (Of course). Love you. Beautiful pictures up there too.

  8. Ellen- I twist and shout with my dreams. I swear.

    Denise- Dreams ARE amazing. Mine keep telling me I need to get rid of stuff.
    Dancing. Yes.

    Mr. Shife- I'm pretty sure that movie will be awesome.

    Elizabeth- Damn animals. Yes.

    Syd- Dance the tides in and out. Dance the moon up and down. Do it!

    heartinhand- Slow down. Have a drink. Put on the music that made you happy as a child. Go from there.

  9. SJ- Were they drinking tea out of glasses and dancing the Hora and being all intellectual and stuff? Because mine were. I felt guilty about kicking them out but dear god. I needed some quiet.

  10. No, they were sitting quietly listening to some lecture (I was in France) and I was on my way to a carnival. They WERE being all intellectual I suppose :) That is so bizarre. Let's dream about something happy tonight.

  11. SJ- As long as garbage bags aren't involved, I'll be happy. Seriously.

  12. Well, I'm glad you had that music to mitigate all the rest of it! I haven't had a good music-at-home day in ages. Mostly because Dave doesn't really like my music so I only play it on my iPod, which is not the same as letting go with the speakers and filling all the rooms.

  13. Steve Reed- Can you ply him with drink to soften up his attitude? Works for me.


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