Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This Morning

From my walk. I am not sure if these lilies are wild or the remnants of some planted in a yard years ago. But isn't it a lovely blossom?

That's my dog-fennel stick and the sweat rag I hold as I walk. The dog fennel stick does nothing at all except to give me something to twirl and distract myself with as I walk. I don't mean I twirl it like a fucking baton twirler. I never could master that art. I just play with it. It's not strong enough to bash a mosquito to death with so it's definitely not a weapon. I believe the sweat rag needs no explanation.

Anyway, good morning. I'm going to town to go with Lily and the boys to see the doctor again. Lily spoke to him and he said that it sounds as if Gibson needs the cast back on.
Damn, damn, double damn, triple damn, HELL!
This is life. He probably put too much strain on it as children are wont to do.
My baby.

Time for a shower. Today is indeed another day and I did sleep well and I do feel stronger by far.
I am grateful.


  1. I wanted to call that a magnolia, which shows what I know. Anyway, I think that blossom was a hello to you. It reminds me of you. Lovely and wild.

  2. I hope that boy's leg gets all better soon and that he can get back out of the cast quickly.

    That tribe out there is lucky to have you attending to them.

    You are really something special.



  3. What a wonderful lily to find growing by the wayside!

  4. I read "sweet rag" and thought "oh I wonder what that is?!" Duh, literacy.
    I pictured that flower in your hair.
    Kiss Gibson from the Internet and tell him to get well soon.

  5. Ms. Vesuvius- It's like an Easter Lily but obviously not. Thank you.

    Scott- They attend to me too which works out quite well. I have a fine tribe. As do you, I know.

    Jenny Woolf- It was so pretty. I had to stop and take it's picture.

    heartinhand- A sweet rag would be something entirely different, wouldn't it?
    I shall give Gibson the kiss. i promise.

  6. I am laughing at the image of you walking down the streets of Lloyd twirling your stick like a baton. Ha!

  7. It surely has been hot here. Too hot for much outdoor activity. And then there is the relentless rain. I 'm not complaining except I need to cut the grass which seems to be wet all the time. First world problems.


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