Wednesday, July 9, 2014

He Is Free

This is Gibson, obviously enjoying having his cast cut off the way some children would enjoy having a picnic with Santa Claus. He loved the tech doing the work. He loved the gloves the man wore. He kept touching them. He giggled every time the saw was used. He said, "Thank-you!" when it was over.
"You're welcome, little man," the tech said. He gave Gibson a glove of his own.
I sort of loved him too.

Gibson's leg looked pretty darn good.

Some irritation but nothing horrible. Lily cleaned it up before they took him for an X-ray and they came back to the room and we waited for the doctor. He came in and said, "Let's look at the X-ray!" and he pulled it up on the computer and there it was, fine and dandy.
"All healed!" said the doctor. He did caution us that this sort of fracture in a child can go along fine until a few months later it suddenly goes out of alignment because the fracture was on the growth plate. Or something.
So to watch and to come back in two months for another X-ray.
He also told us that Gibson probably wouldn't walk on the leg for a few days and when he did, it would be tentative, he might regress in his walking.

Of course, Gibson didn't hear that. He's walking fine. He's actually walking just like he was with the cast on and whether he cannot bend that knee yet or whether he just doesn't KNOW he can bend it, I am not sure. Either way, ain't no slowing that guy down.

We went to Fanny's to celebrate. Gibson ate pickled okra, deviled eggs and fruit.

Owen mostly climbed a tree. A lady walked under the tree, looked up and said, "Oh! A new kind of bird."
"No," he replied. "I just a human."
Both boys were making me laugh. Gibson was at his most gregarious. He accompanied me to the restroom and when we came out, a woman was waiting to go in. "Hi Lady!" Gibson said. 
When he saw May in the hallway of the restaurant for about the tenth time in an hour he said, "May!" as if it were the greatest surprise in the world to see her there again. When we left, she kissed him good-bye although he told her she couldn't. 
"I can't help it," she said, grabbing his little face. "You made me do it!"

I came home and had to take a nap. It was all emotionally exhausting for me. While Maurice and I were asleep, the rain rolled in and it poured here. We needed it. I am grateful. I am grateful for the rain, I am grateful that my grandson is free of his cast, I am grateful for the half dozen eggs my hens laid me today. I am grateful for it all. 

I did a very cursory search about unauthorized pop-up ads and there appears to scores of explanations and fixes. I have no answer. I was thinking maybe it was just Chrome, but no, it's not. 
So...what the hell? I don't know. 
I apologize if it happens to you when you visit my site and I'll understand if it happens to me when I visit yours. I've just been clicking off the sites and then reloading them and that seems to work but it's a pain and I know it.

First world problems. 

We persevere. What choice do we have?


  1. Hooray for Gibson and knitting bones and chickens and eggs and kisses and birds and boys.

  2. And kid knows how to wear a hat, too!

  3. Dear Mary, it seems to have been a glorious day in Lloyd. I'm so glad Gibson is out of his cast and his face is just sunshine. I love that good exhaustion where you're happy to have been out and now you're just ecstatic to be home. Joy.

  4. That hat is Maurice's meow. I never was able to hat up a kid or a grandkid; Gibson rocks it.

  5. He looks a lot like Owen in that food picture.

  6. That Gibson should be a hat model.

  7. Gibson is just too cute and I agree with Elizabeth! Sweet Jo

  8. Yay! I'm so glad to hear Gibson is free of the cast and everyone was in such a good mood. These posts brighten my day -- including the story about Owen taking Gibson's arm and escorting him. Very cute.

    About those pop-up ads. I got one when I visited here yesterday. Someone may have told you this already, but they are associated with Site Meter. I solved the problem on my own blog (I hope!) by removing Site Meter entirely. Just go to your blog page template and remove that added widget. Hope that helps.

  9. Denise- Exactly! And Owen has been quite free with the kisses lately which makes up for Gibson's stinginess with them.

    A- The little dude loves a hat.

    Angella- I almost cried when I got home, I was so glad to be here.

    Joanne- None of mine would wear one either. It only further proves to me that Gibson was indeed some old blues guy in a former lifetime. A sharp-dressed blues guy. Who loved a fine hat.

    Mr. Downtown- Except that Owen never eats. Haha! Well, that's not entirely true. But sort of.

    Elizabeth- I believe he thinks he is.

    Sylvia- Yep. Like honey.

    Sweet Jo- We're always asking the child, "Why are you so stinking cute?"

    Steve- Thanks for reminding me. I removed Site Meter. Let's see if it helps. I hope so.

  10. I love every bit of this. Oh, those boys! :D

  11. Gibson is very cool in that hat. Glad that his cast is off.


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