Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I have literally spent all day in the kitchen. At one point, when I was chopping apples to cook for a cake, I felt like I was having a holy moment. The apples were organic Pink Ladies and they were so delicious and as they simmered, it was like the breath of baby angels in my kitchen.
I made a bunch of food to take to Kathleen and her husband and Kathleen's cousin who is staying with them and this evening I drove down the road to deliver it. They have worked so hard and their house is so beautiful and so comfortable. I could have hung out for hours but I could tell that Kathleen was tired so after a little chat, I came on home and made our supper.

It's just been another very good day for me. A day of the simplest things and it filled my heart so to be able to have the luxury of this sort of life. To be able to cook mindfully with no other pressures, to have the time and the ingredients I need. I don't think there is any greater wealth in this world than the sort of wealth I possess.

That's all. I am not sure exactly what's going on with me but this feeling of such satisfaction and contentment with my life has become almost overwhelming. It's as if for the first time in my life I feel as if yes, this is surely where I belong. Not just in this place in this old house in Lloyd (which is very much a part of it) but in all of it. In the love I share with my beloveds, with the work and pleasure which blur together to become one so very often, in the joy I take in all of these simple, good things. Fresh tomatoes and chicken eggs, good books and good writing from so many of you, my walks, hot and sweaty and strong.
All of it.

And tomorrow it may all be different- who knows? Frustrations and fears and anxieties may arise again and of course, at some point, I will experience all of those again and again. But for now, there's too much pure damn gratitude of how much I love it to feel much else.

The night frogs chorus. The sky is almost empty of light.

Let us all rest.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That is wonderful--I can definitely tell you feel very content right now, and I'm so very glad.

    I wish I could have some of your cooking!

    And look at you using Air B&B!! I only just learned that existed--you're so hip! :)

  2. Just beautiful, dear Mary. I am so glad to be here.

  3. 'let us all rest'

    so beautiful and i felt my body relax a little just reading your words.

  4. I think you are truly blessed. This day sounds wonderful.

  5. I can practically smell those apples!

  6. Ride the waves to the shore, Mary!

  7. Good wholesome food lovingly prepared is the secret of life--well ONE of the secrets.

  8. Some days are nothing but total contentment. I realize that today is one of those.


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