Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I never want to forget this. I want to write it down.
When we were at Fanny's, the boys wanted to go over to "the big chair" which is an Adirondack chair sitting across the beautiful lawn from the eating area, tucked under trees.
We told them they could go, that we would watch them.
And there they went, Gibson still lurching like Frankenbaby, but wearing two Scooby shoes, not one, and his big brother held his hand as they slowly made their way across the grass and I turned to Lily and I said, "This moment in time will never happen again. Other moments will but not this one."

Owen in his blue Power Rangers shirt and long pants, that long skinny body of his, carefully holding the hand of his little brother, patient and thoughtful and loving, and Gibson, wearing his white hat, trusting him with all of his heart and with every step.


  1. Lovely moment. Remember it always :)

  2. I'd have choked on the tears! So glad his cast is off!

  3. I'm not crying.

    My eyes are just a little bit sweaty today.



    (and it's been raining on my face)

  4. A- I just really wanted to remember this.

    Angella- YOU know how these almost-holy moments slip out of memory. All mothers (and grandmothers, I am finding) do.

    Elizabeth- It was. I told Lily, "These are the moments you need to remember when they're in their teens."

    Mel- Oh, how I want to!

    Heartinhand- I got weepy. Trust me.

    Denise- They are the most loving of brothers. It truly does amaze me.

    Tearful- That old heart running over. That was my excuse.

  5. oh, made me tear up. perfection. thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. Gorgeous. I froze a very similar moment in my brain of my own girls, ages 3 and 5, walking hand in hand down a street while pink blossoms fluttered down around them. So many things forgotten, but not this thing.

  7. So many moments that I would like to recall more clearly and so many gone that I don't remember. The time has flown by. And I would like to have a newsreel of it all.


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