Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer In Sound And Picture

Swamp mallow or Hibiscus Moscheutos. I took that picture on my walk this morning. It looks so much like the okra bloom, the Rose of Sharon, the regular Hibiscus. The maroon throat is like a portal to another universe. It is that beautiful.

I always wait too late to go for my walk and come home drenched in sweat. This time of year my hair never really gets dry and I wonder that it does not mildew. I am sitting in front of a little fan, drinking ice-water, and already I am cooling down, watching the green of the backyard as I write this. The church next door is having Vacation Bible School, I do believe. The children are playing, I love their voices. I told Mr. Moon last week that I should have signed up to teach a gardening class. He looked around at our garden where I was standing, weeds up to my shoulders in some places, the stink-bug sucked tomatoes, the wilted, stunted cucumbers and beans. He snorted. "Seriously," I said. "I could have had them weed this garden. And then I could have taught a poultry class and had them clean out the chicken coop."
He gave me one of those looks. Like, "Uh, right," and went on about his manly tree-pulling business.

Here's another picture from my walk.

Fairly large oak snake. I think it was an oak snake. No evil vibe about it at all. I was not even sure if it was alive as it wasn't moving and I wasn't poking. But I saw no apparent injuries. He is pretty kinky though. 

And since I've started writing this I've found two eggs, one white, one small brown, talked to Jessie on the phone AND my Lizzie. She and Lon are celebrating their 35th anniversary today. The children next door are having a great deal of fun and somehow, I'm thinking that Bible study isn't part of it. I never shrieked with delight while at VBS when we were doing those little flannel board things with Jesus walking on water. 
Maurice brought me a buzzing cricket but then decided to crunch it and eat it herself. 
I finished Kate Atkinson's One Good Turn last night and at the last sentence wanted to go back and start it all again. But I cannot do that. I have TC Boyle's new book of short stories that I am about to die to dive into. I'm having a hard time with Clash of Thrones. I can't possibly keep up with all the family lines. It's like the damn Old Testament with all the begats. I swear- I listen to a disc and then re-listen to it and I am still at least 50% clueless. But I'm enjoying it anyway. 
And I got a brand new Esquire today. Jesus! Even though I read while I put my socks on, I can't keep up with it all. 

The boys will be here soon. It's a beautiful summer day. I feel good and content and the crickets are singing their chorus which rises and falls, a perfect sound track to the way the sun goes in and out of clouds, the children are quiet for now and perhaps they are eating their lunch. The dogs and the cat are napping. 

I am rich in every way that matters. And I know it. 


  1. Was it you who suggested Kate A's Life After Life? I bet it was and, if so, thank you. I am hardly able to do anything else but read it, and if, like you, I could read while putting my socks on, I'd do it. She's so good, but yes - how to read everything. Cannot keep up.

  2. I started reading Kate Atkinson some years ago, but in the end I stopped because it was all so Grim. Maybe she's got more cheerful since then?

    Heh, Sunday School - a few years ago my daughter was doing Aikido class after school, and I was waiting outside with another mum to pick up the kids on after-school-class day. She was saying how her son wasn't having much fun, and was disbelieving when I said how much Cassia was loving it... then Cassia came out of her class, and Flynn came out of Holy Communion class, and it all became clear :)

  3. It was just the BEST to get to talk to you today Mary. The best. *sigh*

  4. I look forward to reading another Kate Atkinson -- I just love her. I took your advice and ventured into the new Elizabeth Gilbert novel, and I'm loving listening to it! Thank you so much for the recommendation --

    I love the idea of a heathen woman teaching VBS gardening and chicken raising classes.

  5. I have some serious phobias about mold and mildew as pertain to my body that I won't go into here, to spare us all.

    God I LOVED the new Elizabeth Gilbert. And Life After Life. I'm reading The Vacationers now, by Emma Straub, and it's lovely.

  6. Andrea- I did recommend it but it was Elizabeth who got me to read it. So...we pass it on. Yay!

    Jo- Well, she's a bit grim but her characters and plot lines keep me fascinated.
    I loved your Bible school story. Ha!

    L and L- I love you so stinking much it hurts and heals. Amen.

    Elizabeth- Isn't it a beautiful audio production? That narrator is amazing.
    And no, the heathen woman will not be teaching any classes at VBS no matter how cool an idea it sounds.

    Ms. Vesuvius- I'll check it out. I promise.

    Angella- And to you, too, my love.

  7. Next year I will grow okra, goddamnit. I cannot live another year without its gorgeous blooms and demanding daily harvest.

  8. Okra is doing well here. The garden is loving the rain. And I am not sure whether we have oak snakes.

  9. Those of you who live in humid places have great fortitude. I'm pretty sure I would give up showering. Or maybe I would never come out of the shower.

  10. Well, what a week of posts I have missed. I've spent a while reading down this far, and have to say those boys are perfect, their pictures make me smile, Gibson's smile and sweetness make me teary eyed, so glad he got that cast off. And Owen is just the best too. So sweet, they are. I marvel at both my kids every day.
    I just downloaded that book, the Hibiscus, that's one of my favorite flowers ever, we called it Marsh Hibiscus I think, and oh yeah, I'm pretty sure that snake is dead. Otherwise he'd be on the move and not so squiggly :)
    I'm so glad I stopped by, I love reading your words and your life in Lloyd never ceases to amuse and enlighten me.
    Oh and those chairs and table? Perfect on your porch. Completely perfect. As are you, Mr. Moon, the whole famdamily and those wonderful chickens. That picture of the eggs on the red cloth, so perfect.
    Anyway, I'm back for a few days and hope to stay more caught up.


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