Saturday, July 12, 2014

Somewhere The Catfish Are Jumping

This is turning out to be, so far at least, about the perfect summer. Heat not unbearable, regular rains, bugs not nearly as bad as they were in late spring.
Yep. Got no complaints here.

We had a fine porch time yesterday evening and it was if Jessie were with us. She called and I discussed home birth with her (she got to attend one on Thursday night) and her daddy discussed business opportunities with her. At the age of sixty he's getting excited about an idea he has and I'm like, "Whoa. Is this going to involve me?" Because you know me- if I get the laundry done and dinner on the table every day, I've just about used up all of my reserves.

Stay tuned.

We have to drive to town today. Mr. Moon needs to pick up a car and I need to go to the grocery. Kathleen invited us to supper tonight and I said we'd come if I can do the cooking. So I better get a move on instead of sitting here on this back porch and watching the chickens go in and out of the hen house.

Wish I had something all wise and shit to say but I don't. I'm just enjoying the day, this summer day. Maurice is trying to tell me something by putting her ass on the keyboard and flicking her tail. I'm thinking about peach cobblers and chicken and dumplings. I'm thinking about yellow tomatoes and red chickens and orange cats. I'm thinking I'm glad we don't have to cut a chicken's head off to make chicken and dumplings and that I'm a huge hypocrite.

Let's all watch the moon tonight.

I love you like a summer romance but I'll still love you in September.

Ms. Moon


  1. You are the first thing of sense I read every morning! I'm lucky to get the house clean and dinner made too. We have such lives! Xoxo

  2. I'm with you and the moon tonight!

    Did Jessie and Vergil get that house? Not sure if you shared that and I missed it.

  3. It's been a mild summer here too...not too hot, evenings pleasant, regular rain (amazing how wonderful that is after three years of drought). I'm still totally distracted by moving out of the old house and trying to get the new shop set up.

  4. Oh the mooooon. Thank you for reminding me.

  5. Heartinhand- And we are so lucky.

    Jill- I'll think about you! And the house deal is moving along very well. Not signed yet, but soon I hope.
    The inspection went well.

    Ellen Abbott- I do not envy you the tasks you are having to do right now. Not one bit.

    Denise- Yes! Tonight.

    Angella- Pretty darn sweet. You are right.

  6. Super moon. Such a beautiful day here with thunderstorms this morning and then cooler weather this afternoon.

  7. It is way hot here and I'm only fit for a jump in the lake. I think it's too hot for the babies to come out. They're waiting for a breather and a bit of rain.

    XX B

  8. I suppose I will love you in Sept too :)

  9. LOL -- I understand what you mean about your reserves. We've had to buy some furniture and Dave is very gung-ho about getting online and spending hundreds of pounds and ordering a bunch of stuff all at once. I am much more methodical and deliberative, and the exercise has nearly exhausted me!

  10. You are not a hypocrite. You just love your chickens.

    They are lucky birds



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