Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Our sweet boy had to get another cast. Two more weeks, the doctor said. The X-ray looked perfect but the doctor said that in children, you have to go by pain and that if he is not walking on his leg he is in pain. And so.
Gibson was not the happy little chirpy boy he'd been the last time we were there as you can see from the picture. I tried and tried to cheer him up and did a goofy version of the Eensy Weensy Spider with two blue blown-up gloves which he did like for a moment but by the time the cast (red this time!) was being put on, he was crying and struggling.
It was not a happy appointment.
However. And this is good...
As I have said many times before, my left wrist is very, very fucked up. I broke it when I was seventeen and it was not set properly but it never really started bothering me until I was in my early thirties and since then, it's become more and more of a problem and hurts virtually all the time. It is quite a big bigger than my right wrist with lumps and bumps where there should be none and I can't knit or crochet or embroider anymore and it gripes me when I garden and it wakes me up at night and, well, it's something I should have attended to years ago but never have because of my neurosis about doctors and so forth. Anyway, I like this orthopedist of Gibson's a lot. He's long and lanky and down to earth. He shakes hands, he put his hand on my knee today when we were sitting next to each other in the exam room (and that sounds weird but it was not and I am the Queen of knowing when something is appropriate and when it's not) before he left the room and I made an appointment on our way out.
So. In September, I will submit my wrist to him for inspection.
He may look at it and say, "Nope. That's entirely fucked up and we can't do a thing about it."
In which case I'll just be in pain for the rest of my life but I'm used to that already.

Or, he may say, "Mmmm. Yes. I think I can help you."

We shall see. Of course having made the appointment I am now 100% aware of the pain and hope desperately that something can be done about it. The mind is a crazy thing.

So that was part of my day and Lis and I are in the planning stages of our trip to Asheville that we're taking for my birthday and the condo where we always stay is in the process of being sold and we cannot stay there and I am outraged, OUTRAGED I tell you that they're selling it without seeking my permission.

And this afternoon, after I got home, it began to rain and the sun was shining bright as new dimes and it looked like this.

Another day. A good one except for poor Gibson and he's probably already completely adjusted to the cast again and also the no-condo news but I trust in the magic of Asheville and we shall find something and I hope you had a good day too and that even if it rained, you could still see the light.


  1. Oh, what a sad picture of Gibson. He looks so small sitting there. :-(

  2. Birdie- He was NOT happy. Bless his little boy heart.

  3. Poor Gibson! That's a drag. I'm sure he'll adjust fast, though, considering how well he wore the last cast.

    I'm sure you'll find something in Asheville but SERIOUSLY, they should have talked to you. :)

    Hope the wrist can be improved!

  4. He really is the most beautiful child. After Owen, that is. Oh, and my own two boys.

    And I so wish I could see and hear some rain.

  5. Oh poor baby. But better that his leg be all the way healed. As for Asheville I suspect you will somewhere equally as charming to stay for your birthday. And I hope you take lots of pictures!

  6. Poor little kid! Mary I'm glad you're getting your bee stung wrists looked at though I share your loathing of doctors.

    Sending part of my morning thunderstorm to Elizabeth and anyone else who wants it. It started a few minutes ago and it's a doozy. The whole western side of the state is on fire.

  7. Poor brave boy, two casts, not nice. But he has you.
    A friend of mine fractured her wrist while working in the deep end somewhere in East Africa and the "surgeon" was probably a car mechanic or whatever because when the cast came off her hand was somewhat to the right of the rest of her arm. It took years to persuade her to have another go, she was so scared of it all getting worse. But she is fine now after the second attempt, playing the piano and all.
    I hope it will work for you!

  8. Steve Reed- Lily reports he is running around as if nothing had changed. Sigh...
    Yes, I'm excited about the possibility (dim though it is) that my wrist could be helped.
    And yes- those Asheville people! The nerve! Actually, I love them and they have been very generous with their condo and I will never forget the times we spent there.

    Elizabeth- Even to me, the rain is just almost always a true and beautiful blessing.
    And our boys are so beautiful. Each in his own way and aren't we lucky to love them and be loved by them?

    Angella- Oh. You KNOW I will!

    Rebecca- Wouldn't it be a miracle if something could be done about this wrist? It boggles my mind as if medicine had just been invented.
    We got no rain today. Soon though, it will come again. I'm glad you got some.

    Sabine- Maybe. Maybe it can happen to me too. I am so glad your friend's wrist was fixed. That gives me hope.

  9. Oh, sorry to hear that Gibson has been in pain. The doctor sounds wise. I hope he can ease your pain too. And I'm here to say 60 is awesome.

  10. Gibson will heal and all will be okay. I just heard that a friend's one year old broke his leg on his return visit to the US. Not a happy way to start a trip. But babies probably won't remember much. Hope you get some good thoughts from the doctor about your wrist.


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