Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Am Alive

I completely thought I'd put up one tiny post yesterday with a picture of Jessie's house. I was doing it from my phone and I just realized it never published so there you go and the world, I am sure, has managed to go on.

We've been so busy around here that my internet time has dropped to zero and while that is good, I also miss it and you and all of your news many adventures, so little time.


Anyway, here I am, alive and well. I got sad news from Mr. Moon this morning. Something got in the hen house early this morning and killed Drogo. He probably died defending his hens.
I can't believe the luck we'd had all along with this flock, not losing a one, but I guess all lucky streaks have to come to an end.
He sure was a fine bird. And he sure was getting handsome. I am sad he is dead. Mr. Moon buried him out of respect for his position in the flock.
I suppose Elvis will have to adopt all the hens now. Is he man enough? We shall see how that works.

All right. More adventures are on the (a bit cloudy) horizon. Suffice it to say that we are having the time of our lives and it's been so cool here that we need sweaters and it's all been like a dream.
A dreamy dream of a dream.

Sending love from dreamy-dream land....Ms. Moon


  1. I am sorry about Drogo, but glad you are having a nice trip. Gail

  2. I am in dreamland of the new jersey shore, but I am checking in w/ you. I said "ohhhh" out loud when I saw about Drogo. He was Some Bird. I am glad Mr Moon buried him.

    Love on your ladies today, and soak it up.

  3. Drogo. That makes me sadder than it should - but I can't help but feel like I know your chickens. Damn it. I too am glad he was buried with respect.

  4. I, too, am headed to cooler weather tomorrow. Unfortunately, the heat will still be here when I get back next week.

  5. It's so hot here, I'm melting. Remind me of this when it's 30 below in a few months.
    I'm so sorry about Drogo!
    You took a day off the internet without even knowing! Yay you! (Everyone deserves a day off!)

  6. Poor Drogo. I hope he tore that critter up.

  7. So sad about Drogo. He was beautiful.
    Glad your dreamy birthday etc. is still going on.

  8. I too am sad about your Drogo. He was getting to be a rooster--still young but experiencing those hormones and crowing. I feel that your chickens are like pets. I hate to hear about any of them dying.

    Take care. Raining here today.

  9. sorry to hear about drogo.


  10. It suddenly occurred to me that maybe he was fated, like his namesake... poor rooster! Maybe you should call the next one Methuselah?

  11. Not Drogo! meh

    I was wondering where you were.

  12. Sad news from the hen house.........but sounds like the holiday is happy!!


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