Saturday, July 5, 2014

Profound Or Cosmic? You Decide

This is what I'm thinking about tonight. A quote by Stephen Gaskin. This came from back in the seventies in an interview with Mother Earth News.

  • We believe in God. We believe that religion is the natural wiring diagram of the mind of man and of the Universe. And there is a religion which is perfect and true and which has no errors in it. And it has existed unwritten for all these billions of years that there has been a Universe. And all man-made religions are attempts to copy that one religion. We are all of us one thing. This whole world is obviously one thing. If you cross the state line, the trees on the other side are not made by another company. Because you happen to have an Italian or a Chinese name doesn't mean you have a different Creator. This whole world is obviously one thing. We are all of us one thing. And what holds us together, to the extent that we are together, is religion. It is of paramount importance to recognize that God is One. There are a lot of differences among the great religions of the world at the lower levels. But at the highest level, they become One. When you study the Gnostics of Christianity or the Zen of Buddhism or the yogis of Hinduism or the Hasidim of Judaism or the Sufis of the Moslems, you'll discover that they talk again and again and again about exactly the same phenomena, the same experiences, the same realizations. They've obviously all been to the same place and, at root, they're all One. Religion only seems different if you're dealing with a retailer. If you deal with a wholesaler, you'll see that they all get it from the same distributor. I believe that there's only one church, and your membership button in it is your belly button. And, deep down, I think everybody knows this.
I do, of course, have some disagreement with this but on the whole, I think he's right. 
We are all searching for the deeper meaning to our lives. For me, it is simply enough to believe in what I see and hear and taste and feel. That's enough to lift my soul into the realm of the spiritual. Or to blow my mind, to use a different vernacular. 

There is some part of me which wishes I could figure out the answer to the question of it all- what's it all mean, Mr. Natural?
And there is some part of me which is completely and utterly satisfied to merely ask the questions. 

How does the hen know to sit on the nest? How does the heart know what it needs? How is it that the older I get, the more I am able to love that which I love? How does the cat know she must make me open my eyes by gently nipping my eyebrows in order to get me to do her bidding? Does a cat know that she herself opens and closes her eyes? How did Keith Richards live to be the age he is and still stand on stage and play the best rock and roll licks ever created? How did the Beatles happen? What led my ancestors to me? How can I be the best mother I can be? And how did I get so damn lucky? 

I don't know and it doesn't matter. All of this happens and has happened. 

I have a belly button and so do you. As such, I think of another Stephen Gaskin quote:

You do too know what I mean. 

Got no complaints tonight. I would wish that for you as well.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Just beautiful, dear Mary. How wise you are to rest in the questions, counting your blessings along the way.

    I have been away. My computer's been a little wacky. Might need to take it to be fixed at the Apple store. Meanwhile I'm reading on my phone and feel so grateful to read these words tonight. Love to you dear woman.

  2. I don't know any of the answers, but those eggs look awesome.

  3. I disagree with the terminology but essentially agree. There is not one religion. There is just One. Religion is a poor attempt at relating something that we don't really have the senses to fully perceive or understand and is a totally man made construct full of ulterior motives. Who cares what it all means. Would knowing the answer make life any more wonderful and awful?

  4. For me, religion is how I live my life and treat those around me. I practice customs of the religion I was born into and some of those of others where gifts are involved cause I like gifts but I like the thought about our belly buttons and will ponder that. Sweet Jo

  5. Absolutely -- we're more alike than we are different. The world would function much better if we didn't still cling to our tribalisms, our powers of discernment and division. (They served us well evolutionarily but I'm not sure they serve us well now!)

  6. Steve is right!
    I belong to the Human Religion, which is closely affiliated with the earth and sky. It accepts all belly buttons.

  7. The Oneness for me is the energy of all of our beings without color, creed, and all the non-human beings with their purrs, growls, breaths and animal behavior, and the trees when they shed their leaves and their sap rises. It is all One. I believe that most of the questions you pose are about adaptive evolution and how all living things have evolved to live and reproduce. That is the essence of everything.

  8. And the man just died and became one with the one, or if you prefer emptiness. Vastness.

    I'm gonna go dance. That's how I slide up the joy stick.

    Love you from here.


  9. Angella- May the answer of why your Mac is wonky be answered today! And fixed!!

    Bob- No question about that. Eggs ARE awesome.

    Ellen Abbott- I agree with every word you wrote. Exactly and truly.

    Sweet Jo- I like the belly-button thing too. Stephen has a way with words, bringing things down to the core of it all. I think that you are probably a deeply spiritual woman. I feel that through your words.

    Steve Reed- It is the same with so many of the patterns and defenses that we humans personally develop as children to cope with our surroundings. And yet, even as adults, we tend to hang on to them, even when they no longer serve us.

    Heartinhand- Yes, yes, YES!

    Syd- Sometimes I think you are my brother.

    Beth Coyote- Dance, woman! I might do a little hallway dancing myself. It would be a good day for that. Let us add our danceful prayers to the Vastness.


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