Sunday, July 13, 2014

Movie Reviews But Not Good Ones Like Elizabeth's

We have a TV in our room. It was there when we moved in, sort of by accident. Moving in, that is. The bed in there called to us with its perfect comfort and we sort of just found ourselves sleeping there every night until we realized we had moved.
But the TV. It's an old one. Mr. Moon may have won it somewhere back in time as a door-prize or something. He is a lucky guy that way. Anyway, we never turn it on except to show the old VHS movies the boys love that we have. Aladdin, Robin Hood, The Little Mermaid.
But I watched it today and specifically, The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, a movie I've never seen but it's adapted from a Tennessee Williams' novel and has a middle-aged Vivian Leigh in it as well as a young Warren Beatty who was rocking the Elvis look and a bad Italian accent.
Dear god it was terrible.
Old women who take up young boys who need lire and new expensive toys and clothing. Of course the charming Italian Lothario gigolo is cruel in his attentions and she is so filled with self-loathing when he takes up with Jill St. John that she tosses the keys to her elegant apartment at the top of the Spanish Steps to some other young hang-about who had been stalking her for the entire movie so that he may fulfill their destinies and cut her throat.
At least one supposes that is what happens as the "The End" floats across the screen and the young man enters her room and quickly dissolves into shadows with a decidedly scary look on his face.

1961 was not a good year for women's hairstyles nor designer clothing.

Pillow Talk came on immediately after but I just turned off the TV and went to sleep. I'd had enough helmet hair and fake sexual posturing for one day. 

I've read some and slept a lot today. It was good. I feel as if I might live. I have walked out to the hen house exactly once. I am thinking about going again. I have eaten nursery food and I'm going to make poached eggs for our supper tonight. I'm pretty excited about that.
We are even discussing playing some cards on the new table on the front porch. I'm sort of excited about that too.

Quite frankly, I've had far worse Sundays in my life. I've also been far sicker before and I do suppose I've seen worse movies. That one I watched with Lon and Lis once starring William Shatner, entirely filmed in Esperanto, for example. 
Incubus. Oh yeah.

So I'm chalking it up as a pretty fine day in the history of my life.
Is the bar set too low around here?


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Take it easy, Ms. Moon. Yes, poached eggs and toast and weak tea.

    And as for Incubus, well, my husband love William Shatner from his youthful Star Trek days, and because I love my husband, I have suffered through Incubus. Oy vey!

  2. The bar is perfectly set. This is a good way to do a sick day. I heart you.

  3. I spent a day at home, cooking and cleaning. I swear, the down time heals me. A true introvert, am I.

    Maybe a Sunday martini? :)

  4. I love Sundays because they are my first day off for the week. I get off my shift at 8 am and sleep a bit but then just do nnnnnothing. It is so wonderfully sweet.

    I am glad you are feeling better.


  5. Oh no! Sorry you've been sick. As much as I love terrible old campy movies, I have never seen "Roman Spring." I think I may need to watch it immediately. (I wonder if it's rentable on iTunes?) I love fake sexual posturing and helmet hair.

    We watched "Grand Budapest Hotel" yesterday, and although we liked it and found it very funny in places, I think it lacked the heart of "Moonrise Kingdom."

    William Shatner in Esperanto. The world is such a strange place, isn't it?!

  6. what better way to spend a sick day than watching old bad movies?

  7. Sylvia- I have a feeling that Incubus would best be watched under the influence of something mind-altering.

    Angella- And to have the luxury of doing it!

    SJ- Or how about a vodka/tonic/grape juice?
    That's healthy, right?

    Birdie- I would love Sundays if I were you too. Thank you. I am feeling much better.

    Steve Reed- I agree with you completely on Hotel Budapest. Beautiful. But not as much heart and soul.
    Enjoy The Roman Spring. God knows I didn't.

    Ellen Abbott- And napping. Lovely, lovely napping.

  8. Have you read The Family Fang? (I loved it) You remind me of Buster and Annie, curled up with your old movies.

  9. Ms. Vesuvius- I have read it. I thought it was pretty good too.

  10. Oh, now I do remember that movie. It's so fucking weird. Awful. Why was Vivien Leigh always trotted out as the middle-aged, fallen beauty? Honestly, she was probably 32 in those late movies, and we all spend too much time lamenting how "old" she'd gotten. Yikes.

  11. Elizabeth- She was forty-eight. Not a spring chicken but still gorgeous. A body to die for, that's for sure.

  12. I lack your stamina to watch a bad movie. If it doesn't catch my attention within about 20 minutes, then I am done. Not worth my time. And time sure is moving faster and faster.

    Glad that you are feeling better. We are slowly getting better too, but still sound like a couple of old consumptives.


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