Sunday, July 13, 2014

I Am Human After All

Yesterday Lily and the boys were sick. All with various and different symptoms. Gastric distress, fever, simply feeling flu-y.
Guess who woke up at 2:30 a.m. and after careful analysis of the situation realized that "Oh GOD! I need to puke!"
Yeah. Me.

If I've given this to Kathleen I'm going to just shoot myself.

My stomach feels okay now but I feel as if I've been hit by a truck. I had a dream that will pretty much ensure I never go back to sleep again.

Lily's back at work and the boys felt good enough to go to their other grandmother's house so I assume this won't kill me. And if you're going to be sick, might as well be sick on a Sunday which is sort of already ruined merely by being Sunday.

I think I need to go lay down.

Check you, later.


  1. oh honey so sorry! and fever dreams are the worst. I hope someone is there to take care of you for a change. xo

  2. little kids are germ factories building up their immune systems. It got to the point that I finally had to tell my daughter that the kids couldn't come over when they were sick (they lived next door and considered our house an extension of their house which I encouraged.)

  3. Mary, hope that you feel better. It sucks being sick no matter what day it is.

  4. Oh, my dear. Feel Better soon. These bugs that go around seem unfairly sneaky. We don't know they are lurking until they've poisoned us. Sending love.

  5. Feel better soon, dear Mary Moon.

  6. Oh yuck! Hope you feel better soon!

  7. As my mother in law used to say when one of us was puking: At least your body knows what to do. Get better soon but take it easy.

  8. Of gastric flu - I'd be full of self pity. You sound stoical. Good on you. I hope it's gone tomorrow.

  9. Rebecca- It was SO long and detailed up to and including an Indian Doctor's tattoos and piercings and a yellow, plastic dinosaur toy phone. Dear god it was bad.

    Ellen Abbott- Yep. You are exactly right. I hardly ever get sick but I got at least a taste of it today.

    Syd- It wasn't nearly as bad as what you and your sweetie are going through.

    Denise- Ain't that the truth? And I keep thinking how I force Gibson to let me kiss those lips of his.

    Angella- I'm good. Thank you, sweetie.

    Florence- That yucky part did not last too long. I am grateful for that.

    Sabine- Your mother, in this case at least, was completely correct.

    Jenny Woolf- Nah. It wasn't that bad. If it had been, I would have been whining a lot. I promise you.


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