Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Treasure Hunting

I wrote a friend a text today saying, "I must be in a manic phase."
I had just been to a thrift store and bought a whole bunch of stuff including an iron and glass table with four chairs.

I think I'll put them on my front porch. I'm pretty excited about this, to tell you the truth. The fabric on the chair seats doesn't excite me but it's in good condition. It's old, I think, because it's very heavy iron. It wasn't free but it seemed like a good price to me.

This thrift store used to my treasure finding place. I've written about it before. It's connected to a Christian school for wayward girls and that disturbs me. I get their newsletters. All the girls get saved by Jesus, their personal Lord and Savior and they regret their past misdoings with all of their hearts. And they sing a lot of gospel. Anyway, they've gotten a bit wiser about their pricing. I swear to you- fifteen years ago they would have had that set priced at $25 dollars but those days are gone. 

I also got a beautiful sort of long jacket throw thing. Black doupioni silk, I believe and also old. The lining and hems are hand sewn and there's a little bow on the back with rhinestones. It's gorgeous and was on the clearance rack for $1.69. Six incredibly lovely silk napkins, never used. They look like they came out of someone's house who got them for a wedding present in 1949. If I was a clever lass (as Lis always says), I would make something from them. A crimson Russ Berens dress that will be cozy this winter. Four very serviceable cotton napkins, also probably never used. Another set of Lincoln Logs for the boys. A pretty little something I'm not going to describe because I want to give it to May.
Yes. It was a fun day at the thrift store although I have no business buying anything. But sometimes you just feel the need to hunt and gather. 

That need used to come upon me a lot but hardly ever these days. I am grateful for that. I have enough stuff and more than enough stuff and then more than that. 
But we shall enjoy the table and chairs, for sure. 

And that was my excitement for the day. Well, that and the other white egg and the egg I cracked  to go into the hot and sour soup that had two yolks. Could one of my baby hens be laying these? I suppose it is possible. We had egg rolls tonight which is one of Mr. Moon's favorite things to eat and he is home safely from the auction and he wrote me on the way home that a CD was stuck in the player of the car he was driving and it was...Christmas carols sung by the Duck Dynasty family. 
If that's not the very definition of hell, I don't know what is. That family could teach the Whore of Babylon a thing or two about prostitution. 

He managed to get the CD out when he got home. And no, he didn't ask me if I wanted to keep it. 

I may be manic but I am not insane and I believe he knows that. 

Sweet dreams, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I get a wee thrill to find a handmade item in a thrift store, stitched or knitted, with a fine invisible thread or yarn. I feel close to the anonymous woman who spent time making a sweater or tablecloth for herself or someone else.

    Time to go to the lake and jump in. It's HOT here in the NW. Strange to say it but true.

    XXXX Beth

  2. Your findings are fun! I left May a comment on her blog only to find she had no as place for and anonymous poster. Her blog is so fun. Writing talent runs in the family! Sweet Jo

  3. You make me want to go to the thrift stores. The stuck CD is hilarious or horrible, I'm guessing horrible for Mr. Moon. Gail

  4. Oh, I do love the Duck Dynasty CD from hell story. That's hilarious!

  5. Duck Dynasty Christmas Carols stuck in the CD player.
    Wow. That's the kinda shit you just can't make up.

  6. LOL -- you gotta admire the marketing power of those Duck Dynasty folks. I mean, who would even have THOUGHT of making such a CD except people acutely attuned to the profit potential of novelty?

    And YES, as I think you know, I am with you on thrift stores. I try to stay out of them, because like you I do not need more stuff. But they're just so FUN.

  7. In the last five years the thrift stores have gotten to be so expensive it kills me. I still shop but you just don't find steals like you used to.

    The Duck Dynasty CD story is classic.

  8. Thrift stores are all the rage.
    I hope his cast comes off, I can't imagine that in the heat! Poor little dude.
    Pre-K. God I didn't even want to send my kids to K, I just wanted to hang on to them a little longer.
    My cat spends every night outside. It's his way.
    Eggs, yay!
    (Am I all caught up now?)

  9. I want to see pictures! Esp of the black jacket.

    What do you DO with all the napkins??

  10. PS, explain egg rolls, if you will, they sound so good.

  11. Beth Coyote- I have bought hideous things simply because they were handmade. I understand.

    Sweet Jo- I need to tell her to allow anonymous commenters because...you.

    Gail- Luckily, he had an audio book on Play Away that he could listen to. But it was funny.

    Elizabeth- His texts were so funny. "There's a CD stuck in the player and...wait for it...it's Duck Dynasty people singing Christmas carols!"

    Denise- I had that very same thought myself.

    Steve Reed- They ARE fun.

    Jill- Well, if you really go through things, you can still find cheap treasures but it sure ain't like it used to be.

    Heartinhand- Yes, dear, you are.

    Jo- I use them as napkins.
    Egg rollls? You don't have them in your Chinese restaurants? Should I do a tutorial? Can you find egg roll wrappers in your stores?

  12. I'm surprised Mr. Moon didn't whip out his leatherman with vise grips and rip that CD out of the player. Never watched DD but a bunch of hillbillies with ZZ top beards singing Christmas carols is a little too close to scenes from Deliverance for me.

    I don't go to Thrift Stores, but I perhaps should check some out for boat models. I have a liking for models of sailboats.


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