Monday, July 14, 2014

The Past Today

I texted back and forth with my brother White all day. He sent me some pictures from way, way back in time.

Here's me and my Baby Hank. I was a baby myself although I thought I was a full-grown woman.

Here's me with Baby Jessie. She was such a tiny sprite of a child. I sent this one to Jess and she texted back that she is wearing her hair today exactly the way I was in that picture.

And here's my Lily when she was about three. I think.

Okay. Wasn't she adorable?

All my babies were adorable. Still are for that matter. I need to get my brother to send me some of May as she is missing from this page. I'm sure he has a few. He's always been our picture taker. And he's a good one. It's sort of amazing to see these moments from the past, frozen in time, almost all of them long-forgotten by me.
Did we really look like that? What was my life like then? It's so odd not to remember what so obviously happened.



  1. Um, May is absolutely on this blog -- right up at the top! Wow. She is you made over.

    Jessie looks like I did :) Although I did NOT grow up to be tall or a beauty like her!

    Owen looks just like Lily!!

  2. Oh my, you KNOW I love these blasts from the past. LOVE them. I see Owen in Lily's face, such sweetness. And Jessie was always a beauty, wasn't she? And gosh, I love seeing you as a girl. All that responsibility. I want to just hug you close. You did so well with all of it. You should feel proud.

  3. You look so young in the photo with Hank. Like you said, really like a young girl yourself. You have done well with all your children and they by you.

  4. SJ- You are right! On all of those things. Except for the part about you not growing up beautiful. Hush yo', mouth, girl. You are a beauty.

    Angella- I wonder what I was thinking that day...
    Owen does take after his mama, doesn't he? But sometimes I see Jason in him so strongly. Funny how that works.

    Radish King- Back at you, sugar.

    Syd- I was twenty one or twenty two. Trying to be a good mother. Sometimes I was.

  5. You look an adorable 14 in that 1st picture. It is unbelievable that you were old enough to take care of a baby - even though I know you were mothering before Hank. And look at Hank's gorgeous eyes! All the kids were so cute. Sweet Jo

  6. It's enough to take my breath away. Here we are. The same. And different.

  7. Adorable! I know what you mean about looking back at what seems unreal. I feel the same way when I look at pictures of myself from high school or college. It's like looking at a total stranger.

  8. They are all beautiful. I have to agree with SJ, May is in that top picture. I also see Owen in the one of Lily. Gail

  9. OMG! Lily does look exactly like Owen, if he had blonde curls.
    It is so strange yes, to look back at yourself, almost like your looking at someone else. Another lifetime.

  10. Great photos, Mary. Your babies are beautiful. xoxo

  11. For god's sake. The cuteness. Lily had her dad's eyes? You were adorable. Love the Jessie hair story, that's funny.

  12. That picture of Lily is just too precious. I had to read the sentence about that being Hank a couple times because I figured that was you as a kid with one of your brothers.

  13. Oh, god. I love all these photos. More, more, more Please!


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