Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Oh my goodness. Second night in a row that Maurice did not get up my face.
Who knew all I had to do was explain things to her?
This may be the best cat ever in the history of the universe.
Said the woman whose babies were the very best, most beautiful, perfect, amazing babies ever born.
Until my grandchildren were born.



Anyway, good morning and I am going to town to go to the doctor with Lily and the boys and I am so hoping that the x-ray shows that Gibson's cast can come off. Dang Trader Joe's flimsy carts. Were all of the cart designers drinking Two-Buck Chuck when they came up those things?

Do me a favor, y'all. Tell me if you're getting huge screen-filling ads when you come to my site. Or any ads. If you are, I need to do something about that because I'm sure as hell not making any money off of anything and haven't authorized any such bullshit.


Gratuitous picture of best cat in the universe, dining on a shelf in the kitchen with toys where the dog cannot get her food.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. No ads, thank goodness! (I use Safari browser, if that helps.)

    Hope Maurice continues to "listen" to you. Very clever way to feed her!!

    Thinking positive thoughts for Gibson.

  2. Wish my kitties listened. No ads here! All the best for the ex-rays! We just butchered the first lot of chickens, all went well...

  3. Yes! I use Google Chrome and when your site is loading suddenly it redirects to an ad page. I have to retype your website address to get your page.

    And, sending good vibes to Gibson so that he can be cast free!

  4. Nope, not getting any ads. I use Safari if that makes a difference.

    Dog singular?

  5. No ads, I use google chrome. Gail

  6. No ads. I use Firefox.

    And I love Maurice.

  7. No ads on Firefox or Safari. Cats make me sneeze but yours looks quite dandy.


  8. No ads!

    Maurice is the best.

  9. No ads. I use Explorer. I love Maurice!


  10. No ads on chrome. It has happened on another site; I know they're out there.
    Good idea, the shelf. Our cats balance on a kitchen stool.

  11. I get an ad every time..I use explorer. Kind of weird tho....I get it the first time then I have to click out and come back in and then I don't get it the second time. It did happen on another blog for the first time yesterday. It is a little irritating....hope you can figure it out.

  12. No ads here but as you know I work for The Man so ads aren't allowed on any of the sites I frequent.

  13. No ads. Did you grow that beautiful eggplant? Wow.

  14. No ads. I use firefox with all the add block add ons installed.

    Clever little Maurice!

  15. I don't get the ad every time but still quite often. Usually have to reload your site a time or two to get it off. Using google chrome. Keeping everythang crossed that the cast comes off of your sweet lil guy!

  16. I use Explorer, and, yes, for the first time ever, I was directed to a page that says 'but first a word from our sponsors.' A video started to come up and a message popped up that said I'd be directed back to your site in 30 seconds. I just closed it out and came back, and no ad!

  17. I get no ads, for I have ad blocker, on Chrome too.

    Great cat, great kids, great grandmother :)

  18. Thank ALL of you so much for your imput. I am too exhausted to answer each one of you but I am grateful for each one of you. And at least I know it's not JUST a Chrome issue.

  19. i was getting them but after it happened i ran my anti virus stuff and it stopped. chrome here.


  20. I occasionally get obnoxious ads. But it is sporadic. Intrusiveness of corporations is everywhere. Ii have come to not like our uber capitalistic society.


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