Monday, December 21, 2009

Who's Gettin' Fat?


  1. nice, yes, you are just as crazy with your grandkids as I am, will post a photo of mine in a few minutes and I have to use overalls which are bigger around my stomach don't know why :) the brand is Round house !:)

  2. Love that face. Yours ain't too bad either. :)

  3. Can definately see why you can't stop kissing that baby!

  4. Oh what a sweet face!!

    Hey, where'd your list of blogs on the side go?? I like visiting ones you like :)

  5. I love that expression on his face! And you are just as cute as you can be, Ms. Moon. Love love love it.

  6. Aw. He does look happy, chubby. Love his curious expression. I like that getting fat is a good thing.

  7. All that loving, it works every time.

  8. You really should ease up on yourself, Ms. Moon! You don't look a minute bigger to me.

    Oh. You mean Owen?

  9. owen is clearly perplexed by all this blogging silliness.


  10. Now that is just way too cute!

  11. And oh look,you match; was that on purpose? You are both gorgeous.

  12. Given that your cheekbones are positively chiseled and that little Buddha boy has --- well, are they called darling jowls? -- I'd say it's Owen.

  13. Niels- I just wear whatever overalls I can find at the Goodwill. They always have plenty.

    Steph- Love always makes us pretty.

    Jill- I just can't stop!

    SJ- Transitions!

    Glimmer- He IS love.

    Bethany- I think he believes that the computer is TV. Which is already troubling.

    Nancy- I know. He is growing cheeks as we speak!

    Ms. Allegra- Amen!

    Ms. Bastard- I do believe you are right.

    Nicol- I certainly think so.

    Ms. Trouble- Ha!

    Adrienne- Nah. That's just his Paparazzi Face.

    Ginger- So sue me.

    Kori- No. It was purely coincidence.

    Elizabeth- You should see my ass. You would have a different opinion.

  14. Good Lord! He is making up for lost time in the weight gain dept!! He looks great!!! and so squeezable!

    Great expression too... He's a fine boy, he is.


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