Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Am Grateful For

These beautiful men who can go out and hunt and come home and make
The baby smile.
And look with wonderment.
And kiss his head so much that his baby hair wears off his head
From being kissed
While the hair on the back of his head
Grows long
Because he never lies on his back alone.

But gets held
By Mama, Daddy, Grandmas, Aunts, Uncle

And he is so strong, and wants to hold that head up
To take it all in
Chickens and light and Grandma's face

He takes it all in.
And he holds up his back and his head

what? this? and this?
He is learning it all

From our arms.


  1. Love the boys in green! So so cute.
    xo pf

  2. PS Saw Lily today at work. Was good to see her.

  3. Ms. Fleur- I know. Yes, Lily is beautiful.

    Screamish- That is my man.

  4. I like that observation about his hair.
    Aw, what sweet, strong, handsome men.
    I'm afraid to ask about your soap.
    So I'm not. Soap smoap. Who cares.
    Owen lights up the room and I'm sure smells better than any lemon concoction.

  5. What lovely pictures. Its amazing how much more men are involved with children these days. I love to see them pushing prams and looking after their offspring.
    My Dad never did any of that. (1940to 1950's)

  6. Bye bye baby bunting,
    Papa's gone a hunting
    To get alittle rabbit skin,
    To wrap the baby bunting in.

    That is just super cute. Owen is so big and feisty! I love how babies boggle at the camera. And those cheeks!

  7. Angie- I know.

    Bethany- No. I think the soap is fine. It is in the wrapped-up-in-a-quilt phase, resting and hardening and turning into soap.

    Technogram- Yes. Even my son-in-law is far more involved with Owen's daily care than my husband was. Of course, both parents work. But it is a good thing to see a daddy whose hands are sure with his baby son.

    Jo- Exactly!

    Michelle- And it sure makes his grandmother smile.

  8. I am an ex-American, long living in Australia. My sister (also here) and I often share sentiments similar to yours about Christmas, and every year I swear I am going to disappear to an offshore island in the Philippines for a week. (I guess that's because we had a very happy Christmas there once, although when it comes to overdoing Christmas, the Philippinos are right up there!) In the end, though, I usually get through with family here at home. And this year my husband survived a medical emergency that everyone (but me) thought would kill him. So we have a lot to celebrate as a family, and plan to do it low-key but with lashings of good tucker and grog [i.e. food and alcohol]. Point I wanted to make, though, is that I don't meet many Australians who have the same horror of Christmas. Americans seem to do that particularly well. I wonder why that is! Maybe things have been heavily commercialised over there longer than anywhere else? Whatever the reason, bless you and your family through it all.

  9. I constantly held Rose. I held her while I was making food, held her when we went on walks, held her while we slept, held her while I showered or bathed. I never used the stroller, never used her beautiful crib or bassinet.

    Not so much with the other kids. ;)

  10. Love the photos! He is a precious doll. Really.

    Love you too!


  11. And people say he will be spoiled....bah. MY Owen certainly isn't, anyway, and I really don't htink he was put down much the first year of his life; too many people to share him with, just the right amount of people to love him. Just like your owen.

  12. Yay soap!!!! my "soap smoap" was just trying to make you feel better if it didn't turn out. I'm actually quite excited about it. I'm weird like that. Hope we get pics whenever you have time and energy. But no pressure, ever!

  13. What a wonderful post! And what beautiful men and gorgeous baby!

  14. They have a whole lifetime to be on their own; hold 'em while you can.

  15. Chartreuse- Thank you for coming by! And you're probably right about the whole American overcommercialisation thing. But I also think it's because while we are being sold a bill of goods on how we should show our love by buying, buying, buying! we are also told that we must remember the "real meaning" of Christmas and that if we don't, we are really fucked up. If we could just admit it's a time to party too much, drink too much, eat too much and spend too much and then do some pagan dances, it would all be so much better. Please come by again!

    Erin- I know! And having Owen is like getting another first baby. It's amazing! Plus, I'm old enough not to care if supper gets made. I'd rather hold the baby!

    DTG- And you will see it on Thursday!

    Ms. Bastard- I know. I really do sort of want to eat him.

    Kori- Luckily, no one in this family (that I know of) is saying anything about spoiling. We all just want to know how we can spoil him more.

    Bethany- It's supposed to sit in the quilt for another two days. There will be pictures.

    Ms. Dish- I think I have very beautiful men, and that includes Mr. Baby.

    Nancy- As long as he'll let me and then I'll force him!


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