Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Owen and Mean Aunt Jessie.


More supper.

And more supper.

The fire.

May talking to Ms. Bastard on the phone.

This year's chicken salad.

And the party continues.
Hope all of you are having a lovely evening too.


  1. That looks awesome!!!

    I love it how you call Jessie 'Mean Aunt Jessie'. It's such an oxymoron. Haha.

  2. Black-eyed peas and collard greens! Is that pulled pork and the trimmings? I always serve greenbacks and coins for New Year's eve. I just got the most gorgeous black-eyed peas at Trader Joe's last week and I am looking forward to cook them with some ham bone and some butter next week. Maybe we will find some fresh collards as well.

    Oh Mary, what a wonderful way of sharing, and look at Owen, all smiles and rosy cheeks. I wish I could be there for a moment to hug you and him and raise a glass to the family. Happy Christmas to everyone there.

  3. ooo ms moon! it looks like such a spectacular day! such lovely people you all are :)

  4. i m glad you had such a greatevening with your beloved ones..:-) may looks so happy...-)

    the bottle in the middle of the table..are that sherry-peppers????

    and you have a new hair do? looks shorter..i like it..

    and that chickensalad.grrr..i never had chickensalad with pecans...which i should change because i love both chickensalad and pecans...

  5. Nat the grapes though. That's weird.

    Hope the panic is over and you're all having lovely times. Look at that beautifically smiling baby with his Mean Auntie. Perfect.

    Dammit, D, 4.37 AM? Shit.

    Happy Christmas everybody!!

  6. Melissa Kaye- I know!

    Allegra- No, that's a venison roast I cooked for two days in the crock pot with barbeque sauces. And boy, is it good! Usually we have black-eyed peas for New Years but we won't all be together on New Year's day this year so we had them last night. They were delicious! I wish you could have been here, too. You would have enjoyed so much and Owen could have sat in your lap for awhile and you could have kissed those sweet cheeks and his darling head.

    Tanya- It's been pretty spectacular.

    Danielle- Nope. Not sherry peppers. Just plain old vinegar with peppers sauce. And yes! Jessie got her hair cut. That's so funny that you noticed. And my chicken salad has pecans in it as well as on it. Delicious!

    Jo- Yep. It's very chill here. I am being comepletely relaxed about it all. Merry Christmas!

  7. That's one fancy chicken salad. Wow! Great photos, happy family. Fun to see May talking to Ms Bastard! Made me smile.
    I did have a lovely evening with family. So glad you did too.

  8. Mean Aunt Jessie got a haircut? Lovely. Owen is too.

    Glad you're having good holidays this year. You deserve the love.

  9. ah okay..i thought it were tell me what was the vinegar for? and what is the red stuff on the plate? know food-person..:-)

  10. Bethany- Ms. Bastard chose to be alone on Christmas Eve. We decided to disturb her peace.

    Kathleen- The demons have been at bay. I am most grateful.

    Danielle- Cranberry sauce made with the berries, fresh orange juice, water and sugar. I mostly make it because it's so beautiful, like rubies on a plate. Plus, I love it. We eat the pepper vinegar on our greens. That is the way we like them. And did you notice the vast array of hot sauces? We love them too.

    Jo- The grapes are mostly for decoration. Green and red for Christmas.

  11. mss moon..what do you think? do i like hot sauce???..:-) the hot sauce actually was the first thing i checked..:-)maybe i should make you a picture of my hot sauce collection..:-)

  12. Danielle- Check out
    and let me know if you want me to send you some of Bill's hot sauce. Bill was the third person I met in Tallahassee in 1974 and he and his wife and family have been totemic to me ever since. And his hot sauce rocks like his music.

  13. Good times. We love you all to pieces.

  14. That chicken salad looks like a map to happiness to me!

  15. ha,..i will check that site out :-)

  16. Thanks for the photo of May. I loves ma May May!

  17. Ms. SB- She loves you too. We all do.

  18. What lovely photos of a beautiful family! Hope you enjoyed the time together. I certainly enjoyed mine with my family.

    You had said that you wanted to see a photo of the 4 generations. I will email it to you!

    Much love, Ms. Moon!

  19. Easier to post the link.

    I am on the left. Here is one of my and The Husband.

    Enjoy! I love them all so much and know you understand!


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