Thursday, December 31, 2009

And It Will Be Splendid

Well it's New Year's Eve day and I just have to say that I'm so ready for all this holiday celebrating to be done with. Hell, after the week I've just had, I'd have to add about fifty new things to my resolutions list if I had one, which I do not.

It's been pretty overwhelming for this old agoraphobic woman and I think I've done as best a job as I could but it's starting to really all get to me and this morning it was hard to get out of bed. Not that I felt bad but just that I couldn't imagine getting up and starting another day. I wondered what would happen if I just didn't do it. Just didn't get up and announced to anyone who cared to eventually check to see if I was still alive that no, getting up is not on the agenda today. Nope. Sorry.

But that's not an option. Although usually New Year's Eve for the Moons is spent right here in Lloyd within the safety and confines of our own house, we're going to go celebrate tonight with some very, very lovely folks in St. Augustine. What we're celebrating is the release of Lis Williamson's first CD of her very own songs which she's written and I wouldn't miss that for the world. Not for the very world, I tell you.

I've spent more than one night on this back porch with Lis, shaking my finger in her face saying, "When are you going to do your OWN album? It's time, Lis. It is time."
And her agreeing and saying she was going to when this and this and this were done and accomplished and finally, she has and I couldn't be prouder of her. And tonight is the night that so many friends and musicians will gather at the Creekside Restaurant in St. Augustine where Lis and Lon play on a stage outside under magnolia trees and twinkling lights and there will be music and food and drink and great, great joy. Lis will be shining like a star because she IS a star. As Pam would say, she is a child of light and her songs are a pure pouring out of light and when I think of tonight, that's what I'm thinking about- light in the darkness.

And how can I miss that?
Well, I can't.
So Mr. Moon and I will pack up the car and head over to the East Coast for one last good night of celebration. I will stuff my fat old body into some vaguely appropriate costume and try to find a pair of shoes in the closet that won't hurt my foot and won't look ridiculous with whatever I wear but really- it won't matter. It's all about my Lizzie tonight.

She was talking about the dress she'd gotten for tonight and she said she'd paid a bit more for it than she'd wanted to and I said, "No honey. This is YOUR night and a once in a lifetime event. It's not like a mother-of-the-bride dress. Kids can get married and divorced but you will NEVER have a first CD release album party again. Ever."

It's like having your first baby in a way. She's gestated this CD for years. Years and years and decades of years and tonight, it is born.

So I'm not going to write a New Year's post. No matter what's gone on in the world this year, good and bad, I got my first grandchild which makes it the most special year for me since I had my own babies. And that's what I have to say about THAT. The rest of it has had its ups and its downs and Lord knows I've talked about all of them here. Or most of them. We all keep things tucked away in our hearts.

But today my heart is just filled with thinking about Lis Williamson and her husband Lon who has supported her efforts to bring this album to fruition every step of the way. He is her husband of thirty years, her one and only lifetime sweetheart, her work-mate, her best friend, her man and her muse. So it's his night, too.

And we'll be there. Mr. Moon and I will be there amidst all the sweet people who love Lis and Lon and believe me- that number is legion. I always feel a bit shy when I'm in a situation like tonight's will be. I remember once I was following Lis around with her lipstick in my pocket and a guy asked me, "What are you? Her handmaiden?" And I wanted to slap him and I wanted to also say, "Fuck yes. And don't you wish you were, you jealous son of a bitch?"

So I hope she wants me to carry her lipstick around in my pocket tonight. That would make me very happy. And when she's onstage, I'll be there, my eyes closed and probably crying because the combination of her and her songs is too much for my heart to bear. And when she comes offstage, I'll be right there with her lipstick if she needs it.

I have no idea what 2010 is going to bring to any of us. None whatsoever.
But I'm pretty sure I'll be right here, telling you about what it is happening in Lloyd. That's a given.
Chickens and children, gardens and groceries and trees and skies and dreams and hopes and fears and all that stuff. All that stuff.

But tonight is about light and a voice in the night and songs newly birthed and all will be right. For a moment in time as the earth balances its checkbook in the account of the universe and time as we know it, we will celebrate and will kiss. I love you, I love you, I love you, we'll say.

Happy New Years and here's a warm kiss on a cold cheek in the night and hearts full of music and song and eyes full of light in the darkness and we'll glimmer and sparkle and shimmy our way into the New Year with Lis singing, her voice rising all the way up to the full blue moon and I hope your New Years is a good one, too.


  1. ms moon...

    you DID just write a new year's post. silly old bear.

  2. Drive safely and hug Lon and Liz of the East for me.

    Happy New Year, Ms Moon.
    Happy New Year.
    xo pf

  3. Oh wow...this post is so beautiful I'm sitting here with my eyes brimming.Your warmth is unmatched. I love you.

  4. Ms. Moon, your Lis will be so wonderful and you will be so proud. Happy New Year to you and Mr. Moon and to all your lovely family.

  5. Happy new year to you, Ms. Moon.

  6. Happy new year, and you pass that to everyone you see that I love tonight!

  7. Adrienne- I was hoping you wouldn't notice.

    Ms. Fleur- Will do. Happy New Years to you!

    Berry Blog- Thank-you, sweet man. Happy New Years. I will take that love and stick it in my pocket along with Lis's lipstick.

    Ginger- And to YOU!

    DTG- Will do, my darling. Be safe and have fun tonight.
    I love you.

  8. Your evening sounds like a perfect way to end the year. Your friends are lucky to have you in their lives, I can just tell. Have a great time, beautiful lady Moon, and Happy 2010!

  9. I think you are going to have a great New Years eve! We are watching the snow. Going to stay put..nap this afternoon. I am going to order one of them CDs I have to hear what you're raving about. Peaceful New Year to you and yours.. Love and peace, Sally Moon

  10. You are a beautiful friend, it seems. That is a gift.

    Everybody should know somebody who is honored to hold their lipstick. I'm glad you do, and that others would do the same for you.

  11. Happy New Year darling, I know you will carry the music in your heart all year around. And you will share its magic with us, because that is what you do. I am the one lighting candles tonight, wishing for a better year for everyone.

  12. I would love to have one interaction with you. One simple interaction... maybe i could carry your lipstick or something... Your warmth is lovely.

  13. Have the loveliest time, Mary.

    Just think, a year ago I didn't know you... and now - this!

    Here's to more.

    Jo xx

  14. You made me cry.
    Right here in my kitchen with my daughter hugging me and playing me her new favourite song so we can dance.
    The world is good. And I'll look at the moon and be thankful.
    love you so

    good luck to Lis

  15. Hi Dear One,
    I am grateful for your sharing. Ms. Lis is blessed with your friendship. I wish I were closer, the Release Party sounds fantastic... I can almost hear her singing. Blessings. Blessings. Blessings. All the stuff is blessed, too: it is Life.

  16. Happy New Year to you, Ms. Moon. My life has been enriched immeasurably this past one with you in it.

  17. Oh shoot, I guess 2009 ate my comment I tried to leave from work.
    I hope you're having loads of fun and wonder right now. And then some days to recoup.
    Love the way you write about Lon and Lis, esp the lipstick part.

    A is right, you did write a New Year's post.

    Thank you for your writing, your silliness, your wit, your sweetness, hope, honesty, soulfulness and communication.

    You are a bright light and I feel comforted knowing I'm entering this new year with you right here blessing our hearts.

  18. I wrote you a nice sappy comment earlier, but I think it got lost :) Anyway--hope you have a wonderful time tonight. Thanks for the email the other was good just to get that off my chest. I will write you more tomorrow!

    Love, SJ

  19. happy happy new year ms. moon

    you decreased the shit factor this year exponentially

    love you loads n loads


  20. Happy New Year Ms Moon! Blessings to you and your whole family (including your blog family!)

  21. Happy New Year Mrs. Moon

    The blue moon, while not at all blue, was stunning as we walked home last night laughing in the sub zero temperature and kicking the streamers as we went.

    I love the first hours after new year.

  22. Lovely thoughts and I know our evening was beautiful and worth the effort to go.

    Thank you for pointing us toward the New Year's Blue Moon. I made a time to soak it in because you told me it was coming, so you've given more blessing already than you knew.

    Hoping for love and contentment and health for you and us and all our friends in 2010.

  23. I hope you are having a wonderful time on the Atlantic coast! Hope you got to see the Blue Moon. It was overcast and cold here but the skies did part for a minute for the moon to reveal herself as we all watched some great fireworks we had for our party at our house.

  24. This is a wonderful new year's post.


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