Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Annual Post About The Oxford American Magazine

Look. I think I do this every year but it's important. If you love to read really good writing and if you love to listen to music that will blow your mind and make you think about all the mind-blowing music that's been made but that you'll never hear and thank GOD for the fact that you've heard THIS particular mind-blowing music, then you need to order that magazine. Click on the picture to get to the website where you can do it.

And it goes without saying that the Oxford ain't paying me a dime and in fact, I have probably spent thousands of dollars over the years, buying subscriptions to it for me and for people I love. I even did my one and only give-away here at Blessourhearts for them. Okay. For my readers. But I ended up paying Oxford American for the pleasure and the privilege.

I have never yet (but never say never) made a penny off of anything I have endorsed here (still waiting to hear from Fabuloso) but I have gotten two nice letters from companies, one being the Vermont Country Store and you should read what I wrote about them here because it's funny, and the other from an editor at the Oxford. No free issues of the Oxford were ever promised and no one offered me a job writing for them after reading my own true Southern Prose (my dream!) and to tell you the truth, the Vermont Country Store hasn't even sent me a catalog this year.
But the point is- if I say I like something and I think you might too, it's for real. I think we here at the Church of the Batshit Crazy share a certain sensibility. Don't you?

So. Go check it out. The Oxford American Magazine. If you order now, you'll get the two CD set of amazing music. You will not be disappointed. You will be, in fact, happy.

And did I mention it would make a great Christmas present? And so would Lon's CD, for that matter. In fact, I think that EVERY ONE ON YOUR CHRISTMAS LIST would just love to get one or both of those presents in their stockings this year. Or both of them. OR, both of them and a pre-order of Lis's new CD. Just check the sidebar for details on that.

And I say this from the bottom of my poor, not-being-paid-for-this-heart.
Because I love you.

Sincerely....Ms. Moon


  1. I agree with you on all points. And there's a wonderful Garrison Keillor post up at I know that you save it for the weekend, but you might want to read it today with your foot up and Owen in your arms.

  2. Timely post, I have subscribed to Oxford before and it is time to do it again. Especially living way up here. I can't believe I let that subscription lapse. They owe you, Ms. Moon!

  3. Ms. Moon - when I click on the picture it doesn't take me to the site, just shows the picture again. Thought you'd want to know! :)

  4. Ms. Nola- Thank-you! Problem corrected!

  5. I just tried clicking on the picture of the flier, and it doesn't do anything at all. Hummm...

    Well, Liz got her Oxford yesterday and we had a good long conversation about how it is absolutely the best. I'm kind of bummed because when I moved I forgot to tell Oxford to change my address, and of course the Beach Club isn't forwarding my old mail to me. I might give them a call tomorrow if I can think of it in time.

  6. The Vermont Country Store has the coolest stuff!

  7. Elizabeth- I will check it out, cheating myself of Saturday's joy.
    How can I help it?

    Glimmer- I am a patron of their art.

    HoneyLuna- I need to renew subscriptions anyway.

    Ginger- Yes. They do.

  8. Hi mamma. I am doing some early morning catching up on your blog. Little O woke up at about 4:30 and decided he didn't want to go back to sleep.Finally at about 5:30 I asked Jas to help because he didn't want to nurse anymore. After a bottle and another hour of Jason walking him around he finally went back to sleep.We decided to just ave coffee and be done with it. Anyway I hope you ave a good day with him and I hope is a good boy. I love you.

  9. We just got ours and I' ve been waiting for the right moment to rip into it! I'm really excited about the CD, THANKS!!

    The gift that keeps on giving.
    xo pf

  10. I'll have to catch up with all this shit next month, when my divorce settlement comes. I am el broko until after the holidays.




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