Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dry Your Eyes, Baby Jesus

We have decorated the tree. That's mean Aunt Jessie up there when she was two. She helped tonight and we can all now rest in peace.

Uh-oh. Spider web on the wall. Oh well.

Chinese man in canoe. Don't ask me why. He is always part of our tree. Chinese woman used to ride along with him but I think a mouse ate her. This makes me so sad. He must ride the waves of Christmas all by himself.

A baby shoe. Either Jessie or Lily's. I don't remember but I love it.

May visions of sugar plums dance on your heads.
Or Johnny Depp.
Whatever makes you happiest.


  1. I can tell by that picture that Mean Aunt Jessie's been mean her whole life.

  2. Definitely Johnny Depp would make me happy.

  3. Sweet. I love the history behind ornaments, esp the hokey handmade ones. Thanks for sharing. And thanks God for Aunt Jessie saving baby Jesus from drowning in tears. Poor Chinese man riding the waves of Christmas (great line) alone. I'll stick to the sugar plums, over JD. Hungry all the time since I couldn't button pants and have stopped eating like a mad woman. Trying not to get up and raid fridge right this minute. Thanks for helping me stay here.

  4. Yes. I choose Johnny Depp.

    You have been busy!!! Now I get to catch up!
    oxxoxox LC

  5. Oh, love your ornaments! I don't think Chinese Man cares about Christmas too much. So that's ok.

    Damn, Mean Aunt Jessie is mean, alright.

    I'll have Johnny D on my tree too, please. Santa Hat...

    My best present to my father ever was the santa ornament I found in Macy's that had his name all over it.

    It was a black Santa... playing golf...

  6. ha! i love Jessie's expression...kind of cute/sly

  7. Michelle- Well. Exactly.

    Elizabeth- We are sisters there.

    Bethany- And WE are sisters in the pants thing. Bah!

    Swallowtail- I have a tree decorated. Period. Damn.

    Jo- I'm sure your daddy loved it.

    Screamish- No. She was just mean. She's always been a good actress. (You know I'm kidding, right? That girl...oh. That girl.)

  8. The Chineese man in a canoe has to be the strangest ornament I've ever seen! But so funny and cute! Is it a cookie?

    I'm sure the tree is lovely. We will come by and check it out in person sometime soon.

    Tell Jesse thanks for stopping the tears of the baby Jesus. Now anything is possible!
    xo me

  9. Wait, a mouse ate the Chinese lady? I'm so saddened.

    Also, I will be out to see you tomorrow, good lord willing and the creek don't rise.

  10. A mouse? I thought we'd be regaled by a story of Christmas scandal, in which the Chinese lady runs off with evil Santa...
    Anyway, I wish Johnny Depp would dance on me...

  11. PS You are not making Chinese man's Christmas any more bearable by scaring him with that huge monster fish that's going to tip over his rickety, mouse nibbled canoe. Can someone move him near Aunt Jessie?

  12. Glad that shit is done and over with for you for another damn year.

    I dig the Chinese man ornament. He may be lonely, but there is no one to nag his ass now. There is always a bright side, right?

    Love you mega-tons,


  13. Ms. Fleur- No. He is not a cookie. Come see!

    DTG- Yes. She is gone, our Chinese Lady. I can't wait to see you and meet KR. I hope he likes chickens.

    Rachel- Ah. Don't we all wish that Johnny Depp would dance on us? Or, perhaps Portia de Rossi. Whatever.

    Bethany- The Chinese man remains unruffled by the giant fish. He has seen him before.

    Ms. Bastard- Yes! There is always a bright side and I can count on you to find it. Another reason I adore you.

  14. I'm pretty sure I want a photo of the whole tree....Love the photos of the ornaments.

  15. Johnny Depp for me too, please!

  16. I think that Johnny needs to join his Asian friend in the canoe.

  17. What a beautiful tree. I just love it.

  18. I LOVE Christmas trees. It's my favorite part of the holiday, all those hanging toys from other years. I remember the people who gave them to me (I confess, I mark it on the bottom) and sometimes what happened that year, sad years and happy. As I look back I know how much love I've received and given and there isn't anything better.

    Ms. Moon, you're not going to believe but I have the very same shiny fish with the silvery-strand tail (the one who looks like he's going to eat your Chinese canoe) on my tree. Eileen, 2000.

  19. Rebecca- I took some but they sucked.

    Ginger- He's going to have to be a busy boy.

    Nancy- I'll tell him when next we meet.

    Aunt Becky- Thank-you! I wish we could share a vodka drink beside it.

    Kathleen Scott- Of course I believe it. But I have no idea when my fish was acquired. Or how.


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