Thursday, December 10, 2009


And it all makes sense again.


  1. That pictures captures it perfectly. And is he doing a nerdy sci-fi thing with his fingers? Already? ;-)

  2. hurray for baby Spock Holds!

    and such a cutie. makes me want another one (am i crazy???)

  3. He is the most beautiful sleeping baby. Thank goodness things make sense sometimes.

  4. Oh be still my ovaries! I can just feel that sleeping boy. Sooooo precious.

  5. Lois- I think so.

    Mwa- No. He's just relaxing that way.

    Anonymous- I don't know if you're crazy or not. Who are you?

    Stephanie- Indeed he is.

    Mel- Yes.

    Jo- For short periods of time, usually. He woke himself up from this sleep by pooping!

    Michele Renee- I know. What could possibly be better?

  6. MWA and Anonymous's baby Spock holds noticings made me laugh.

    He is so dear. What a peaceful face.
    Glad you got him today and he got you.

  7. anonymous was me, too sleep deprived after twin earache sleepless baby night to log on properly. i never used to notice babies and now that i have mummy hormones i'm crazy for them. you lucky thing to get to play with a little one all day!

  8. i know i know its all biological..the big head the huge eyes lil fingers and lil mouth..mother nature has made it like that so we find kids cute which is supossed to keep us from eating them..but hell..isnt he sweet for real????

  9. Ok, really strange, I dreamt about Owen last night like he was a celebrity. My aunt was carrying him in a car seat past me. Everyone was busy busy, things to do. I said, wait, is that OWEN? And I got down on the floor with him and he just smiled and smiled, giggled and gurgled. I thought, well no wonder his grandma is so enamoured. This boy is special.
    Well so, thanks for bringing baby joy/love into my dreams.

  10. I wish I was curled up sleeping so peacefully!

  11. What's that hand sign he's flashing; he's not in a gang already, is he?
    Kids these days.

  12. Bethany- I am the luckiest woman in the world.

    Michelle- He really is.

    Kathleen- Oh, the wonders of the MacBook!

    Screamish- DAMN those earaches! How do you do it with twins? How?

    Danielle- I think the exact same thing ALL THE TIME!
    I know it's biological. But still- OH! My heart!

    Bethany- I think it sort of thrills Lily that Owen IS a tiny internet celebrity. In our own little internet world here at the COBSC. I'm glad it was such a sweet dream.

    Rachel- Don't we all?

    Magnum- Yeah, he's down with all that gang shit. He's practicing the hand signs to see which one he likes the best.


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