Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sleepy Day

Good Lord! This child is sleeping today! In his comfy car seat on the kitchen counter thing with the dogs barking and the radio playing and people coming and going and soup being made and dishes being washed and laundry being done.
Funny how he loves that car seat to sleep in. His granddaddy made a cradle twenty-four years ago for his mama but he doesn't want to sleep in that. He wants to sleep in the CAR SEAT! Oh, babies. You just never know.
And although I have gotten a lot done (this soup is going to be so good- venison and vegetable and bean), I wish he'd wake up so I could get some cuddles and love.
Isn't that crazy?


  1. YUM-O

    Better than toll house cookies fresh from the oven. Or homemade apple pie. Or venison vegetable and bean stew.

    Thanks for the love, Ms. Moon

  2. Beautiful sleeping baby -- nothing better.

  3. I always imagined the sleepies were how growth spurts happened. Bet Owen is about to grow. He is adorable. And your soup sounds yummy. Michelle is right, soup is better than cookies.

  4. um, I think I misread Michelle's comment, but I do think soup is better than cookies. And sleeping babies are better than anything except maybe cuddling them!

  5. i wish i could come over for some soup and for some looking at owen while you do the dishes and i ll dry them..:-)

  6. A man who makes his daughter a cradle, wow. Love that.
    Glad you're getting lots of stuff done. I'm sure you'll get some cuddle time in. I don't blame you. He is awfully cute.
    Soup sounds yum. Exciting to my boring potato.
    Where do you get one of those Mr Moons who brings home the meat for supper and makes cradles and thinks to fit baby bottles in his overalls?

  7. Good question, Bethany!

    Maybe you have to be Ms M to find one :)

  8. Bathany- I just have to say that I've been wondering the very same thing ever since I was a little bitty girl. I'm a little scared that I'll never find a husband that has been as good as my own dad. It's good that I have him as a dad, but it also makes me very picky or critical of other men (well, sort of anyways).

    Thanks for the beautiful picture of Owen. If I were there, I would be Mean Aunt Jessie and pick him up and cuddle him anyways. He's too cute to resist.

  9. Not so crazy. I always want babies to wake up for cuddles. Except when I'm asleep.

    I have a theory about the car seat. We had the same thing with my daughter. She was a tummy sleeper. Some children (I'm not saying Owen, but some children) need the coziness and the bent legs. So when we turned her over in her bed she finally slept there, too.

  10. Who can figure out a baby's preferences? Best to just do what they want, I guess. Farty would have nothing to do with the carseat, even in the car. At 2 months I had to get rid of it and put him in a convertible one. My friend's son slept in his car seat every night. For him it was the only way to keep his food down because he had terrible reflux and laying flat gave him heartburn and made him puke. Farty had reflux, but propping the crib up on one end was sufficient.
    Owen looks like he's chubbing up a little in the cheeks-good to see!

  11. Michelle- Yes. He is better than anything to me. As I cooked I told him that it won't be long before he can help me cook and eat soup. He was happy to hear that.

    Elizabeth- I have had one of the best days of my life due to that baby.

    Mel- And he eats so much! Yes, he is growing and he is yummy.

    Danielle- How did you know I don't have a dishwasher? Oh. That old picture of my dishes draining? Anyway, that would be so nice. And believe me- I have enough soup for ALL of us.

    Bethany- Well, it is a long story on how I met Mr. Moon. And all I can say is- I am damn lucky.

    Jo- It involved a bar and a sweater that kept falling off my shoulder...

    HoneyLuna- You'll find your good man. Be patient. One will fall down to earth and be smitten and bewitched by you.

    Nicol- Sweeter than honey.

    Mwa- I've tried that. No.

    Rachel- Well, Owen sleeps with mama and daddy. But he loves to nap in that car seat. I do think it makes him feel cozy.

  12. Honeyluna, Gosh I can't even imagine having such a father. Lucky lucky you. I bet it actually will make you come much closer somehow to finding the right man, because you know what love is supposed to feel like. And too, that kind of love from those 2 amazing parents has to make you full of all sorts of good stuff yourself. :-)
    But yes, I imagine no one can quite measure up!

  13. I had a baby weekend too! I had 3 of them with me :)

  14. He sort of reminds me of Aunt Jessie in that picture... I love the light shining on him.

    So peaceful.

  15. What an absolutely adorable picture. Babies asleep looking so peaceful. Wonderful.

  16. I'm wondering just how big do they make those car seats...

  17. He likes it best when there's all sorts of noise. He's gonna be a rocknroller.

  18. CHRIST, that is ONE CUTE BOY! I can't wait to squeeze him.

  19. Bethany- All my kids have very high standards when it comes to mates. They better!

    SJ- Three??!! What fun!

    Ms. Fleur- Really? You see Jessie?

    Technogram- Yes.

    Daddy X- I am wondering that myself.
    Thinking maybe I need one.
    Oh. I think they call it a "recliner" when you get older.

    DTG- But I tell you what- he loves the classical music. Quiets him right down in the car.

    Ms. Bastard- He is growing more squeezable by the day.

  20. What a sweet photo!! I love how the blanket is tucked all around him. My first boy would only sleep at that age while in the car seat. So I drove like a zombie and with him in the carseat. I know what you mean about happy when they sleep but then wanting to cuddle.


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