Friday, December 4, 2009

This Man Would Not Feel Comfortable At The Church Of The Batshit Crazy

This cardinal can bite my ass.

So can St. Paul.


  1. WEll, as I posted on an identical post, presumably the homosexual and transgendered people would prefer to attend a differnet after-party to the one he's going to be at ANYWAY. So, meh.

  2. Everything that pisses me off the most in the Bible was said by Paul. He's no saint to me! Wall Street types and CEO's of many companies won't get to that party hosted by Paul either. Small group of folks I wouldn't like even if I did believe that concept.

    Mark Twain said Heaven for the climate and Hell for the company. Yep!

  3. And why should we let him in here, pray tell? Any man who needs to dress in red with a capellet makes me wonder where his common sense got parked. As far as his comments, well...who would want to enter a heaven that uses him as a spokesperson? Damn fool.

  4. heaven is on the earth, I know he don't know, what life is really worth

  5. blerk. recent news concerning the systematic cover up of child abuse by the church and even the police in Ireland ... I've got nothing against catholic folks, but boy, their leaders bite the big one...

    I'm with Jo. I'm not sure I wanna go to HIS heaven after all...

  6. I REALLY dont want to offend any catholic folks out there reading. The Protestant church isn't much better, ...oh anyway. This whole subject makes my head hurt.

  7. Holy cardinals batman, guess what??? you reached 101 blog followers. I've been keeping a close eye, because you said (little kid whine) we could have a party at 100!

  8. I'm sure he is not welcome at my church either... whoever the hell he is.

  9. I think technically that guy is not worthy to bite your ass.

  10. who cares if he is comfortable..i have the feeling he isnt welcome anyways..:-)

  11. Ignorant sonofabitching motherfucking holy roller asshole wanker.

  12. Jo- Indeed.

    Joy- Mark Twain said it all, didn't he?

    Allegra- I KNOW! And he has no idea what a damn fool he is, all wrapped up in red and self-satisfaction with his holiness.

    Magnum- I wonder what the ceiling's worth in the picture?

    Screamish- I probably insult every religion there is. But in this case, I'm merely focusing on him.

    Bethany- I said that? Really? Oh my. What kind of a party shall we have?

    Ms. Fleur- He's no one we need to know.

    Mwa- Oh, you darling thing!

    May- You darling thing, too!

    Danielle- Your feelings are correct.

    Ms. Bastard- Your usage of the language absolutely brings me to my knees with awe. Boy oh boy. When we do get together, it's going to be X-Rated conversation for sure. I can't wait!

  13. Another nail in the coffin of my Catholicism. Perhaps that will be the title of my next blog post?

  14. Sigh.

    Last night my 9 year old asked how people could POSSIBLY believe that what's written in the Bible is what God really thought. Or thinks.

    There you go. From the mouth of babes.

  15. Elizabeth- I will read it.

    Michelle- Well. I need say no more.

  16. You know, if all of this heaven and hell stuff is real, who do you think will be inhabiting hell?

    I agree with Mwa.

  17. Sandra- I have long had the same thought.

  18. I think you said your biscuits could be involved and drinking. You were probably just trying to placate me, your crazy new blog reader. In any case, THIS man in red will not be invited. And congrats on 101 followers.

  19. Ms. Moon,

    I offer up a big, fat chunk of my own ass for him to bite too.

    I was raised Catholic and GODDAMN it blood boils when I read about all the fucking stupid things the church does. Telling Catholics in Africa not to use condoms. Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!? The DISGRACEFUL handling of the child abuse cases.

    And the ARROGANCE of this guy - did God phone him up and let him know about the whole heaven thing? I love how it is made to seem like some exclusive nightclub, with jackasses like this standing at the door with a clipboard and the poor wretched souls dutifully lining up along the velvet ropes, waiting to see who is worthy to enter.

    Okay, time for some deep, cleansing breaths...ahhhhh...much better.

  20. Ms. Moon if he is gonna show up in NH in that outfit, his not going to make it out.;)

    Seriously, he has no idea what being a Christian is all about and neither does his boss. Terribly sad.

  21. Bethany- Okay. Biscuits and drinking. Tell me where.

    Grasshopper- See- I wasn't raised Catholic so I can just look at the whole thing with very jaded eye without feeling the least bit guilty.
    Yeah. God called him up. Said, "You're an asshole. Keep up the good work."

    Kyle- You are RIGHT.


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