Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pictures Of Pretty Babies On A Pretty Day

Mean Aunt Jessie, Mama Lily and Owen.

Me and sleepy Waylon.

Shayla and Waylon and Lily and Owen. I love this picture because of the way Waylon is looking at Owen with such deep suspicion, even while reaching out to him.

Same line-up as before, only Ms. Moon had to get in the picture with Baby Bad Santa. Waylon still looks suspicious. As he very well should!

Billy and Waylon. It is a good thing that babies come with an endless supply of kisses because if they didn't, neither Waylon nor Owen would have one kiss left.

Oh. And a lizard on a mint plant. Can you see him? Jessie took this. He's not a baby but he's darn cute.


  1. LOVE your Bad Santa masthead!

    Sweet pictures. I'm convinced that playing with babies will lead to a longer life. Nothing beats happiness for preservation.

  2. Well, OBVIOUSLY!!! Oh, whoops. Wrong post.

    OK, that bad Santa is sooo scary, Ms. Moon. Almost as bad as mountain lion teeth scary. Shield the children's eyes!

  3. Billy's eating the baby!!!

    Oh, sorry. He's just kissing him... phew. I eat/kiss babies too and I know what you mean about infinite kisses. Good stuff.

    I love that you got in the photo with bad santa. And your lizard is cute.

  4. baby bad santa!! baby bad santa!! tormentress! (does this word exist?)

    lovely family, lovely photos...nice lizard.

    Shayla (in photo 3) seems to be handling Waylon like a very very fragile diamond hand grenade....

    hurrah for babies! my husband is sleeping in the twins' room tonight and i have still had little sleep but have been given credit card and glass of red wine and told to buy christmas presents on the internet before it's too late...but anyway.

    your posts always remind me I shouldnt whinge quite so much....you can never have too much baby love. despite lack of sleep.

  5. What beautiful babies! And true and good about their kisses as well.

    Lizards are one of my favorites! He is bigger than that leaf.

  6. oh how cool..that is an anolis..actually a female ritter-anolis...i had them as pets when i was..13????

    and you have them in your garden..sigh*

  7. I want in on the kisses, too!

  8. Great pictures! Love the one of Waylon reaching out and touching Owen.

  9. You and Santa look so cute together snuggled inbetween all the mommas and babies! Good to see you smiling so!

    Great post. Love the lizzie too. He/she sort of has somewhat of a suspicious look as well.

  10. I love the suspicious baby. And all babies, for that matter.

  11. fun wonderful pics, happy happy. love the lizard too, didn't see him at first.

  12. Kathleen- I think you may be right.

    Nicol- Walk quietly around him. He will not get you.

    Steph- I think Billy is stealing Waylon's air.

    Screamish- I think one of the grandest joys of grandparenthood is that I DO get my sleep. It's the best!

    The Dish- It's a spearmint leaf and the tiny lizard was clinging for dear life. Did you see his little claws?

    Danielle- I have them EVERYWHERE! They even live in the house.

    Kori- Okay.

    Joy- I think he may have just been flinging his little arm about but that's what it looks like.

    Ms. Fleur- You're right!

    Ginger- How can you help it?

    Bethany- He is CAMMOFLAGED!

  13. That's one evil looking santa. What's he holding, a cheese slicer?


  14. I think Waylon is starting to look like Shayla in the eyes.

  15. **sigh** I love babies. And baby kisses. Especially the open mouth slobbery ones. Baby C is in the stage where he is not quite sure yet what I am doing to him, but he sure does find it funny!! I always get a smile and a little huh-huh laugh :0)

    And your families babies are SO CUTE!!!

  16. I had trouble making the lizard on the plant out. It's my fucking eyes. They are old and blind as a fucking bat. I can't see shit.

    The bright side here is that I don't have to look at ugly people.

  17. Michelle- It's supposed to be a bell. Hell's bell.

    DTG- Really? I'll have to check that out again. He sure is cute.

    Justme- There is nothing better than that crazy laugh babies make.

    Ms. Bastard- Yet another bright side! Yes! Did you click on the picture? You can see his little claws.

  18. I almost forgot! I saw your evil Santa's brother yesterday. He was black, and holding a stocking, but looked every bit as evil as yours. I would have taken a picture for you, except it was on a stranger's front porch.

  19. What is Santa holding in his hand - an ice scraper? (Do you even know what an ice scraper is used for? Although, I must admit, I never realized that ceilings could be mopped - dusted, yes, but I've never had to mop one!)

  20. Ginger- Damn. Wish I had a picture.

    Ms. Lucy- Yes. I lived in Denver. I know what an ice scraper is which is why I live in Florida. He's holding a bell. Where have you been? Are you okay?

  21. Ms. Moon and Other Posters:
    DO try not to laugh at me, but I started My Life in the Blogosphere using my iPhone, so I never saw all the commentary (the google reader app strips out that functionality). So I am just reading this and laughing my ass off/crying my eyes out at the COMMENTARY, which is almost as rewarding as your original post.
    Love, love, love.
    Eat Here Eatery


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