Friday, December 4, 2009

Celebrities I Love For No Apparent Reason


Really, really, REALLY love. I mean it. (Thanks, Ms. Fleur. I owe you more soup for this one.)


  1. Okay, back up, get the fuck out.... Bill Murray AND Johnny Depp in the same photo? I can't take it. I think that their attraction may start a new gravitational field. I'm surprised my apartment didn't instantly suck into my imploding computer the moment I opened this page. Glory be to god. Can we invite them for Christmas?

  2. May- Oh honey. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. We will wait on them hand and foot. We will eat tender morsels of fruitcake from their beaks. (Daddy will be fine with this, right?)

  3. somehow everybody loves johnny depp...even me!

  4. I thought that I caught a smell of Johnny Depp while I was reading another site, so I just had to come over and visit!
    Actually, I wear blue quite a lot, and prefer silver to gold, and I love nature, but I came over because of little Johnny! So if you have any more pics to share, or Heath Ledger, then I will certainly be back for another visit!
    Loved this post, and the other ones that you have done!

  5. What is there not to love about Johnny Depp?

    I agree, but I know why I love Brad Pitt. It has something to do with this:

    Holy treasure trails of glory, Batman.

  6. Oh. My links haven't been working of late because I've been using italics html instead of link html. Genius.

  7. Love that photo of Depp and Murray!

  8. Oh Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny...who doesn't love him? And you know all about me and Bill, right?

  9. May is hilarious. I do not have similar feelings for any of these people. Though I think I get it.
    I do have a crush on Super Nanny though. But pretend I didn't say that, because I think it makes me ever weirder.

  10. You know... I think they are sort of attracted to each other. That's what I see in this picture. And it's pretty hot!
    xoxo pf

  11. Well, either that or they're about to scrap! Considering how they are dressed, my money is on they are ready to hug.

  12. Love Depp/Murray but really and truly I can't stand to look at one more photo of the other two. Really. They make me puke. With all their glitter and money and fame, why not work on saving some kids right here in our country? Really. Sorry-just the thought of the two of them make my teeth hurt.

  13. You have good taste! I'm with you.

    Love you Mary Moon.

  14. Danielle- I think he has magical powers of superhuman attraction.

    Alice- Thank-you for visiting! I hate to disappoint you but I have never posted a picture of Heath. And probably never will. But there is the occasional picture (perhaps annually) of Johnny Depp.

    Jo- Ah yes. That would explain it.

    Joy- Yep. Heaven in a photo for me.

    Ginger- I have forgotten about you and Bill. Remind me.

    Bethany- It's okay. We all crush on whom we crush and there's no rhyme or reason. Plus, Super Nanny's pretty hot.

    Petit Fleur- Now THAT would be hot. Not scrapping. You know what I mean.

    Mwa- Uh-huh.

    Kori- That's okay. I understand and I love you anyway.

    Ms. Bastard- Love you too, Ms. Bastard.

  15. Johnny Depp and Bill Murray? Wowza. Two of my favorites, as well. Although I have heard from "the people who know" (the trouble with living in LA) that Bill M is an asshole.

  16. Brad and Angelina actually do A LOT in this country to help many other people - children and adults. And other countries. To help children in the world anywhere is not somehow diminished because there's no need for UNHCR ambassadors here. We're all on the big marble together. So don't love 'em and that's your prerogative or whatever, but anybody who has from the very beginning of her career always given a minimum of 1/3 of her earnings to numerous charities and then put her later celebrity to help, and another who has spent countless hours helping rebuild my beloved city - I'm a fan.

  17. May and Ms Moon, you two are too fucking funny!!!

  18. Elizabeth- Well, I wouldn't doubt it. But in my mind he is always funny and gracious and dear. And you know, I've heard from people who work in one of his restaurants that he's awesome. So- who knows? Not me. But I love him.

    Nola- Those are pretty much my thoughts, too.

    Michelle- We think we're funny, anyway. We crack each other up.

  19. Nah, I heard Bill Murray is sweet as can be. It's Chevy Chase that is supposed to be a big stuck up asshole.

    Bill goes outside and sits and talks with the restaurant help on smoke breaks when he's in the Hamptons. I've only ever heard good about him.

    All women love him. He's fucking adorable.


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