Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What Can You Spare?

The Confederate Rose, as I promised, has begun to bloom. There it is- can you imagine a girlier flower?

I'm rushing, back from my walk and need a shower to get to town to take Mother to the doctor but here's what I wanted to say today.

It is very obvious to me from last night's post and comments that we, as a whole, are not really very good at sinning. We think a cookie snatched on the run is a sin. And you know what? It's not.
I believe that most of us are probably not very good at taking any time for ourselves to do something that will truly feed us in our hearts and in our souls. So today, please, for me, for you, take a few minutes or a few hours if you can, hell- it's only time!- and do something that brings you almost sinful pleasure. Listen to a song you love, close your eyes and just listen. Or take a little walk down a shady street. Or pull out those pastels you bought and never use and that creamy paper and make a little picture and don't let yourself judge it. Just do it for the joy. Or write a poem. Or a paragraph. Or simply sit and drink a cup of tea and let yourself be fully aware of the act and the steam and the fragrance and the taste. Or go to a movie Or get your nails done. Or go buy that plant you've wanted or a bouquet of tiny tea roses and put them in a vase where you can see them. Or sit down at the piano and play a song, even if you're rusty, even if your ears wince. Or close the curtains and lay down and take a nap. Or write a love letter and then read it to its intended recipient. Even if that recipient is you yourself.
Commit love.
Commit lust.

Whatever. Just, for this one day, do something that makes you happy in your heart.
I swear, the world will be a better place tomorrow. When, I am quite sure, the world will be an even better place if do something that makes your heart happy again.

Five minutes. Twenty minutes. An hour. Whatever you got to give. Think of this as one of those pleading letters from a candidate or a cause. What can you spare? And then give it. To yourself. Because here's a secret- none of us knows if there is a heaven, a place we go when we die. Not a one of us. We may think we know, but in all reality, we don't. However, we can be quite sure that here and now, we do have some ability to make our lives, if not entirely heavenly, at least a little bit sweeter.

And somehow, in doing so, we will be doing it for all of us.


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Wow. Mine doesn't even have buds on it yet, but then it did bloom this spring. Surprised the hell out of me.

  2. We are a guilt-ridden little band, it is true. We should all take a lesson from this.

  3. I wonder if that's what my rose bushes are - the Confederate Rose. They look like that and just this last week they've both been blooming like crazy and smell so good. Subtle.

  4. Now, funnily enough, I deleted my comment yesterday (before I published) as I thought my sin was too sinful! (compared with others)
    I did clean out my nine hamster cages and tanks, and do a 5 mile walk to redeem myself though ;-)
    A beautiful suggestion you have made to us all today; To do something that will truly feed us in our hearts and souls . . .
    I just have to think of something now. I'm sure it will involve music.
    Thanks for reminding us to take time out to do these things for ourselves Ms Moon x

  5. Ms. Moon, imagine yourself 15-20 years ago, when your kids were at home, young and/or in school. What would you have told a person who told you told you to take a few minutes or an hour to yourself?

  6. I'm with you Ms Moon. I started a new journal today. From an old vintage book I found on ebay. The pleasure of taking the block out and giving it a new life...
    Very good advize you give us today: do something just for fun... Thanks!

  7. Ellen- This spring? That is odd.

    Brother Wrecking Ball- DO IT!

    SJ- And why? Not a damn one of us is a serial killer. I think.

    Rubye Jack- These don't smell so maybe not. They are related to the hibiscus and are not roses at all.

    bugerlugs- I'm sorry you deleted but that's your call. Sounds like whatever it was was truly balanced out. Now go do something lovely and which involves music.

    Stephanie- I'm not sure. That is such a good question. I may have sat down and written someone a letter. You know, a real letter on paper? I used to love to do that. Maybe I would have done something like go to the mall and buy a new pair of shoes. I used to do that too. Probably, if I'd had an hour, I would have taken a nap. I've always luxuriated in sleep. But maybe I would have gotten my hair trimmed or maybe I would have watched a movie. Or maybe I would have worked on the novel that I started about fifteen or so years ago. Thanks for asking. You're making me remember another lifetime.

    Photocat- PERFECT!

  8. I am going to go see "Hope Springs" with Meryl Streep tonight and get a popcorn and a soda.

  9. YOU make my heart happy. I wrote my first paper of the semester today about my "journey through technology" and I included our story. A fierce friendship forged from a message board post about castor oil. I fell in love with you then and still love you now.

  10. I ate more beans, went for a sail, talked dirty to my wife, and slept naked. It was all good except the repercussion from the beans.


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