Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Power Is Out In Lloyd

And has been for quite some time. It's not even raining.
It's okay because it's not that hot and Mr. Moon is cooking supper on the grill. But still- where's The White (Light) Man when you need him?

Mr. Moon just offered to hook up the generator. He's so sweet. Actually, he's my darling boy. No matter what.

Sometimes the power goes out but if you're patient it always comes back on. I tell you. It does.


  1. those brussels spouts look tasty!


  2. Big cold front coming this way with rain. Hope to have some relief from the heat.

  3. Ah yes, I remember those frequent power outages in Florida. We used to lose power practically every day in the summer, with the afternoon thunderstorms. My mom says it goes off less these days -- I guess they've improved the wiring or something.

    What's your dressing on those sprouts? Dave broils sprouts with olive oil and salt, and my god, they are good.

  4. Perish the thought, no power. I feel I've been powerless now for some time, but it will pass.

  5. Sprouts!

    You're in the dark but at least you have excellent nutrition :)

  6. Mrs. A- They were not. We obviously have no idea how to grill Brussels sprouts.

    Syd- It's a lot nicer here today.

    Steve- See above. I did a ginger/soy thing. They were not good. Oh well.

    Elisabeth- Power. It's a reality AND a metaphor. I hope you get yours switched back on soon, honey.

    Jo- No. They became compost. Or hopefully, will be someday. But we did get our power on again.

  7. Mmmmm sprouts! The best part of Christmas for me (besides presents) ha!


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