Saturday, September 8, 2012

If Hearts Could Poop

Do you remember when I asked y'all to vote for the induction of the All American Redheads into the Basketball Hall of Fame?

Well, last night they were really and truly inducted into that hall of fame and my sister-in-law, one of those Redheads, was there and she said that those women sat on the stage and people like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird and Michael Jorden applauded them long and hard.

Can you imagine?

What a world we live in. And those women deserved it.

I wish we'd been there.

Well, we had a nice date last night. Yep, Hank, we were in your neighborhood but your lights were dark. And now we're getting ready to go back to Bristol and ride the little train and play on the play ground with Lily and the boys and also Shayla and Waylon and I'm looking forward to seeing Owen play with another boy. Waylon's going to preschool this year so he's getting the skills he needs to play nicely with others. Let's see if he can teach Owen a few things.

Yesterday after I went to lunch and the grocery store with Lily and the boys I told Owen that nothing in this world makes my heart as happy as spending time with him and his brother and his mama. And then he said to me, "You make my heart POOP!"

Which is, in context, the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.

Happy Saturday, y'all. You make my heart poop. Truly.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Glad that you had such a good time. I like what he said about your making his heart Poop!

  2. Poop can spice up any statement. Well done Owen. my heart has pooped because of you all, that's for sure.

  3. Go Aunt Brenda!

  4. Honey, you make my heart poop too. Speaking of poop, read my blog today. Poop and all!

    XX Beth

  5. I might have to steal that line! Sorry I haven't had much time for commenting lately, but I can't stop staring and playing with my newest grandson all day :) Between taking care of him and having the older two kids before and after school every day, my retirement has turned out to be quite busy!

  6. You make his heart poop with love! High praise :)

  7. What a sweet boy. You just may have a new family saying on your hands. I can see Moon's for future generations saying, "You make my heart poop!"

  8. If his heart poops, does get a toy?
    Hahahahahaha. Keep the great lines coming, Owen!


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