Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Birthday Boy

 Owen is three today. Three years old. How is this even possible? 
And when I ask that question, I don't mean how did he get to be three so quickly, what I mean is- he's only been here for three years? On this earth? In our lives?

When I had my first child, I realized that in some way, in some realm, it seemed as if he had always, always been here. Yes, of course I could remember the time before when he wasn't, but, somehow, once I'd met him, I realized that in some way, he had always been here. Just not palpable, perhaps, but still, very much a part of my universe. And I am not a woo-woo person. It just surely felt that way.
And then did again when each of my babies were born and now, I have the same feeling about Owen and his brother Gibson, too.

Yes, their physical presence is relatively new, but their spirits- well. Let's just say that I recognized them immediately at their births.

Three years ago today. There they were. The brand new family. Don't Lily and Jason look like, "Yep, he's here! Our Owen is finally here!"?

So now, of course, I've just been going through old pictures and my god, the child has been such a happy and beautiful little soul for his entire life. 

Every stage of it. I could put one million pictures in here because that's how many I have. Not so many lately because he's learned to hate the camera. But occasionally he will still pose. Mostly with his brother. 

He's so gorgeous, that grandson of mine and he's brought us so much joy. Not just his mama and his daddy but his Mer-Mer and his Boppy, of course. He snatched our hearts out and kept them in his pocket from his first breath.

And of course, his uncle and aunties all adore him. In fact, Owen's entire life has been about being adored. 

 And I think that has a lot to do with the kind of person he is which is a wild, loving person. A curious and demanding and sweet and funny and glorious kind of person.

Yesterday he told his mama that he loves Baby and that he does not want her to put him back in her belly but that we should keep him always.

We feel the same about Owen.

We shall keep him always and he shall keep us. He and his brother both are the latest and most tangible of the heartstrings which bind us all together because in adoring them, we adore each other and we see the love in ever more visible ways.

Happy Birthday, Owen Curtis Hartmann. You are three years old. As impossible as that seems, it is the truth.

You are loved. You are beloved. You are our destiny, our fate, and our joy.

Happy, happy birthday. We'll see you tonight.

Love...Mer Mer


  1. It has been a joy watching Owen grow and smile and play and love for the past three years. Now I look forward to doing the same with Gibson!

    I remember that gorgeous photo of baby Owen enjoying Elvis. And some of the others, as well; such a beautiful loving family you all are!

    Happy Birthday, Owen ~ have a wonderful time tonight:)

  2. Oh, sweet boy! To love and be loved is everything.

  3. Happy Birthday beloved, sweet Owen. It's been a pleasure sharing your fascinating and happy life through the eyes of your amazing Mer Mer.

    It will be quite something for you to have this record of your life to look back on, to see the joy that created you and know that you have been loved so completely all your life.


  4. I hate hate HATE that I am missing his birthday party.

  5. Oh, happy Owen birthday to all of you! I have so loved getting to know this little, beautiful boy through your blog. Thank you!

  6. Oh man. I started reading when he was almost as tiny as my son- now they're both huge and filled with love and live and some bangin' attitude. It makes me feel rather panicked, tell you the truth. "They're growing too fast" sounds so cliche, but it takes honest effort to focus on who they are now and who they'll be tomorrow as I also let myself mourn the little babies they won't ever be again.

    ANYWAY (enough about me, Jesus)- HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet and wild Owen!

  7. You should see the smile this post gave me, but I think you know what I mean.

  8. Happy birthday to Owen and I hope he has had a great day. I have enjoyed the posts of him these months I've been reading. Gibson is growing so well. I look forward to watching them both continue to grow.

  9. Yes, happy happy birthday to that sweet sweet boy.

    And happy grandma anniversary to you Ms. Moon!

  10. Happy birthday, cherished Owen. I love watching you grow!

  11. So glad for Owen and all of you! You have a great catalogue of photos of him.

  12. Happy Birthday a little late to that dear boy. This writing is really beautiful, in fact, I was just wondering if thats what it feels like in a way for parents, as if you've always somehow known them. You've taught me so much through reading about how you all love and care for Owen. I hope I get to be a mother and have te kind of love your family shares in some way, at some point, even if it has to be another life.


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