Sunday, September 23, 2012

We Will Now Resume Our Regular Program With Highlights From The Weekend's Special Events

Well, we're home and let me tell you something- home is a fine place to be. I got no complaints. Well, except for the way I look. We stopped on our way home to get lunch in the town of Panacea at a little place which specializes in delicious North Florida Gulf Coast Authentic Cuisine, which is to say...FRIED. 
I had fried squash, for god's sake. It was good.
I wrote Lily a text that said something like, "We stopped at the Coastal restaurant to top off our weekend's Crash Weight-Gain Diet."
I didn't take any pictures. I was too ashamed.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures I took with my actual camera this weekend. Just indulge me here. I'm not waxing nostalgic or anything. I just like the pictures.

 This is a dragonfly perched way atop what used to be a wooden flagpole (and you know WE didn't put it up) that got hit by lightening. I swear, there is ALWAYS a dragonfly up there.

 A great blue heron, fishing patiently during the changing of the tides. I took about ten pictures of him. I figure one is enough.

I love the way the sunset colors the sky in the east as it sets the west aflame. It's such a magical time of the evening, the way the light makes everything glow.

Speaking of sunsets, last night's was a cool one. There were no clouds so the sun's descent was just flawlessly visible.

I'm sort of missing one there in the sequence. A couple walked by and asked me to take their picture in front of the glory. So I did, although not in the most graceful of spirits. They were intruding on my sunset by thinking that it was THEIR sunset. This is why I go to an island where I see very few people. I'm so damn egocentric I get pissed off if people want to disturb my sunset experience. After I took the picture I said, "Your faces are in shadow, you know."
They said, "Oh, we know. That's okay. Thanks." And then they strolled down the beach arm in arm, as if they were the only lovers in the world which gave them a smug sense of entitlement. 

My lover was getting his fishing pole from the house. Just thought I'd point that out.

There. I've added the two Moon shells and a conch we found yesterday to my hallway altar. They're nestled in with my Mexican woodcarving of the Virgin of Guadalupe and some black coral I found on the beach in Cozumel and smuggled back in my suitcase and the turtle shells I found already clean and dried in the Florida woods and the beach glass from Mexico and some candles and other holy items including, oh, you know, my recording of Keith Richard's book, the audio version. 

So yes, we're home in this beautiful old house where the cool air is drifting down the hallway between the two sets of open double doors and the sun is setting here, lighting up the magnolia leaves and I can hear a cardinal making his chip, chip, chipping noises and all of the chickens are alive and well and dammit, the dogs are too, and so is Luna the Feral Cat and I feel soothed in all my parts, body and soul and tomorrow I will see my boys and on Wednesday, Owen will be turning three years old and in about a month Mr. Moon and I will be celebrating our twenty-eighth wedding anniversary and that couple on the beach last night can just HOPE that in twenty-eight years they'll still be in love. They can just hope that in twenty-eight years they look back on that picture I took and say, "Remember?" 

I'm so damn lucky and here I am and here you are too and I do not take that gift lightly either. 

Night, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. Please click on the pictures. There are some very nice ones, I think. No credit to me, just to Dog Island which is truly representative of the way Florida CAN still look and does sometimes in a few places. Which is another miracle in my life, that I get to enjoy that. I hope you do too, at least in this little way. 


  1. The sunset pictures are spectacular. Fie on the other couple for intruding on it. :)

  2. Welcome home! I'm glad Dog Island was everthing you hoped it would be.

  3. WOW ~ that header photo made my heart skip a beat. The other ones are beautiful, too, and I'm so glad you and Mr. Moon had such a magnificent time on your island.

    Welcome home!

  4. I love you and your life. Thanks for being in mine.

    XXX Beth

  5. That's a "green flash" sunset -- did you see it? (You might need a flat horizon for that, actually, rather than a treeline...)

    And yes, you DO have some great photos here. I especially love the dragonfly and the beach scene.

  6. SJ- It's a damn photogenic island.

    Mama D- Well, love is nice, whenever. I shouldn't have been so hard on them.

    Nancy- And more. We truly had a good time.

    Lulumarie- Thank-you, honey!

    Beth- And thank-you for being in MINE!

    Steve- I did not see the green flash but I forgot to look for it. I have seen it before but very, very briefly.

  7. The blue heron was my favorite, I think. Welcome home!

  8. Wonderful photos. I love those sunsets. Nothing like the sun setting over the water.

  9. I truly love that island of yours... What magic!


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