Monday, September 24, 2012


It's supposed to get chilly tonight and I believe it. Elvis is sharing a nesting box with one of the hens. He's slept alone all summer long but tonight he has a lady snuggled up next to him.
This underscores my belief that I'm going to need the duck tonight. The duck is what I call my down comforter. Mr. Moon hates it. It makes him sweat just to touch it. I love it. I love to burrow when I sleep. How we've managed to sleep in the same bed for twenty-nine years is beyond me.
And yet, we have.
Summer and winter and every season inbetween.

He cut his hair tonight, Mr. Moon did. Well, he took the razor-trimmer-whatever-you-call-it to his head.  I helped him with the back a little and when I saw the collected hair in the newspaper in the sink, my heart almost stopped.
Let me tell you something- you live with someone for a long time, you love someone for a long time, every part of them becomes more and more precious to you.

This scares the shit out of me.

But then, so many things do.


  1. In the old days women kept locks of hair in a locket or in a small bag tied around their neck. When my mom died I wanted a lock of her hair but everyone thought is was creepy and morbid so I never took it.

  2. Ach. Remember when Danielle cut all his hair off? That nearly killed me.

  3. Isn't it weird about hair? I have locks of hair saved from both my kids, and after reading this I think I should save one from my husband too.

  4. This is stunning, that moment you describe. wow.

  5. Birdie- I wish you'd trusted your heart's desire and taken a lock.

    Jo- I'd forgotten that.

    Lora- Why not?

    Angella- You know. You understand.

  6. It's nice that you felt so much tenderness about his hair. I'm glad that you love him so much. Yet strong love is also something that makes me fear loss.

  7. Guess I don't give people the chance to ignore me. I yell out to them before I even get there. There is no way anybody is going to ignore me any longer, at least not when I don't want it. So if I say something first they do have to acknowledge me. My simple goal in life is to make 3 people a day smile. That's at least 3 who know I passed by... Strangers or not.


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